The beating window

I’m not quite sure how I would describe myself if asked…other than ‘spethial’, the first thing that comes to mind is a bondage-fetishist with an endurance kink. Unfortunately it doesn’t really have a ring to it, does it?

I’m not a painslut or a masochist per se. I don’t and have never self-harmed or done ouchie things just to see what they ‘felt’ like. My coping mechanisms are normally much more innocuous and involve ingesting large quantities of food and/or pushing myself at the gym until I feel like I’m going to vomit (actually that vomiting thing can be said about the food too…lol.)

I’m generally pretty wussy when it comes to things of a painful nature so it is a very rare occurrence when my beating window opens. I’m not sure what opens it or how things change inside me, but on Sunday afternoon at about 2pm I felt my window swing wide open and I actually ended up asking M to tie me up and beat me.

He wanted to know how long I needed and gave me a multiple choice of (a) 30mins, (b) an hour or (c) 2 hours. I said 2 hours thinking that the beating part would be relatively short and the tie me up part would be much longer, but I think the beating part was sufficiently longer than I expected.

Afterwards my botty was feeling quite tender when I sat down. At work yesterday, I felt it every time I got up and went to the printer and then came back to my seat (that’s about 50 bazillion times). I figured that there would have to be something to show for it so I went to the shower room in the office to have a look in the mirror.


I have to say the results are quite pleasing – except for the fact that you can tell he is right-handed…lol.


The main offender for the bruising is Mr Tawse. That foot of double stitched leather is guaranteed to bruise up even the most hardened of asses.

I’ve also got some tender nipples from having clover clamps on and then having my boobies mashed during the ravishing. Clover clamps and I have an uneasy relationship in that I love and hate them equally as much. M made me hold the chain in my mouth as he walloped me and that was very nice *fans self*.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon. I hope my window opens again some time soon.


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