Week Five…or is it?

It could be week five of my fasting experiment or it could be week 416 since I started blogging. Actually it’s both so it’s my 8th blogging anniversary. Yay for me.

There’s not much to report this week diet-wise except that I’ve got a cold so instead of my usual 4 gym classes, I only managed to drag myself out of bed for 2. I felt exceptionally guilty about that, but I guess shit happens. I’m thinking that’s it’s been a while since I’ve been in a world of hurt at the gym so it may be time to do something a bit hardcore. I can’t wait around for my beating window to open again so I’d better suck it up and join a boot camp or something.

Life-wise, I had a scary trip down memory lane by going back and reading some of my very old blog posts. Yeah…there is some weird shit in those early entries.

I also had a couple of days off work early in the week, mostly due to my cold but also because I really couldn’t be bothered to go. Do other people get into those funks? I’ve spoken before about my telephone phobia and my social issues (a.k.a just thinking about using the phone makes me nauseous and talking to people freaks me out) and I had one of those weeks where I had to make some difficult phone calls. It took me until Friday afternoon to pluck up the courage to do the worst phone call and I only managed to force myself to do it because I thought I couldn’t cope with having the dread of making a phone call on Monday hanging over my head all weekend. I have to say there is nothing quite like 20 minutes of a yakuza-type Japanese dude screaming in your ear – the way they roll their ‘r’s just makes you cringe. And if you’re not sure what I mean, have a listen to this (the subtitles are kind of cute 🙂 )

The other thing that I would like to say is while I love Japan and Japanese generally, doing customer service with Japanese people just sucks balls. Big time.

And finally on the topic of Japan, I’ve got a work trip to Japan coming up in September, which is good but also bad at the same time (see point above…) At least I’ll be able to stock up on food, make-up and 100 yen shop goodies, so I guess that will make up for the week-long whine-fest that my work trips to Japan always morph themselves into.

Tally-ho into Week Six!



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