Spotting an alpha male

I’ve noticed a lot of tv shows recently with at least one alpha male in them (or maybe I naturally gravitate towards watching shows with alpha males in them because, you know, they do it for me…lol.) These characters are usually the ‘bad-but-good guys’ who boss the adoring females around and make the ‘hard’ decisions.... Continue Reading →


I’m covered in bees and c’s

Except for that dommely period in my life (see interesting experiment), I've had a collar of some way, shape or form since 2005. My collars have always been metal and have had varying degrees of difficulty in getting them on and off, with my first collar winning the medal for most-stubborn-bastard-of-a-collar due to the fact that you... Continue Reading →

Note to self (part 347)

Don't continue writing a juicy chapter of your story until midnight the night before you're due back to work after almost two weeks of holidays during which you've barely risen in the AM and your normal waking time has a '6' at the beginning of it. Sleep is just going to be an elusive bastard... Continue Reading →

I’m baaack!

Well, if you didn't notice that I'd gone anywhere, just carry on as you were, but if you did notice, well, you'll be pleased (?) to know that I'm back. I spent a week on the other side of Australia visiting my family. My grandmother turned 90 and along with all the celebrations there was... Continue Reading →

Porn as Food

The other week I wrote about how porn was affecting young 'uns in that they can't cope with the reality of sex and I saw this today and it put a smile on my face: It kind of puts it all in perspective 🙂 P.S I feel a lot more normal now that I know... Continue Reading →

Sliding into the holidays

I'm heading back to my hometown or as M calls it, "land of gorillas in the mist" (it's a long story...) next Friday for a week. It's my Nanna's 90th birthday so I'm looking forward to surprising her with my scintillating presence. I'm going to hide out at my mum's place until the party and... Continue Reading →

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