Sliding into the holidays

I’m heading back to my hometown or as M calls it, “land of gorillas in the mist” (it’s a long story…) next Friday for a week. It’s my Nanna’s 90th birthday so I’m looking forward to surprising her with my scintillating presence. I’m going to hide out at my mum’s place until the party and chill on her lounge for an evening, which should be interesting. This is actually the same trick we pulled on my mother for her 60th b’day a couple of years back, so I’m an old hand at the surprise party now.

I’m thinking about what I’m going to do gym and diet-wise while I’m there and at the moment I’m thinking about rocking up to some classes at the local university gym and taking some food with me. I always find it hard to keep up my diet mojo when I go somewhere. Just give me a strict routine to follow and I’m fine, but once I can’t do what I normally do, I lose momentum. My trip to Japan next month will also be challenging – actually it’s going to be impossible so I might just have to suck it up and take a week ‘off’.

My goal at the moment for 2013 is to finish writing my story and I’m hoping while I’m on holidays to spend some quality time doing just that. Somewhere over the past few months my story morphed from a few porny disjointed chapters into the first draft of a 50,000 word novel. It has been a little bit of a labour of love and while publishing a chapter every week has been a good ‘push’ for me to write consistently, it has also meant that sometimes I just haven’t had time to tweak things the way I want or go back and change something I had second-thoughts about.

Believe it or not, a lot of my writing is done on the bus and this involves me tapping each letter into my ipod using the notepad function…that sounds really sad, doesn’t it? Sometimes if I have an idea at work, I’ll scribble it out on a piece of paper and bring it home to type up later (because somehow, I think my subject matter might violate HR policy…lol.) Most of my weekends are spent sequestered in my bedroom drafting out the next week’s chapter and M has commented that he feels like a ‘story widow’ because I’m either at work or in my bedroom with the door closed and he never sees me…lol. I have never been able to concentrate if there is any sort of noise around me and so what I usually do on the bus is just put my headphones in to cut down on the noise.(I wonder if anyone has ever noticed that they are not plugged in??) I’ve never understood how people can do things while listening to music. It just does not compute!

Last week’s chapter was probably the most painfully difficult chapter to date because it was all dialogue. I completely re-wrote it at least 3 times and ended up drawing a weird chart thing to try and make things clear in my head because I was getting so frustrated.


Anyway, it’s been a good experience for me and with only 6 chapters to go we are on the home-stretch! Yippee 🙂

P.S I always wanted to thank everyone who has commented on chapters or has given me encouragement for my story. It’s been great and very motivating. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Sliding into the holidays

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  1. Your story is really good. It is a lot better than some ‘ known ‘ authors manage to write. I find myselve fascinated and intriqued.

    You should consider printing it.


  2. Congratulations on Desiderata, it is a wonderful read. Here is an idea
    for a short story. I think it would be much shorter and much easier to
    write than Desiderata.

    It could be called 24hrs (or maybe 48hrs). It would be fiction but a
    realistic treatment, from the slave’s point of view of her first day in
    moving in with her new Master. It would deal with her fears, and
    challenges, her concerns for safety and limits, money, sleeping & work
    arrangements, and all the other things that Masters overlook, all
    the while contending with her Masters desires to enjoy his new 24/7 slave

    At the end of the story the reader will have to decide if she will be
    happy with her Master.

    You have chapters to finish and business trips, etc. I hope you can put
    this little project on your list. You are the perfect writer for this.

    1. Wow a request for a story without me even finishing the other one first! I actually started a couple of other short stories before that I’ve kept quietly to myself, but that is one idea I haven’t played with.

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