I’m baaack!

Well, if you didn’t notice that I’d gone anywhere, just carry on as you were, but if you did notice, well, you’ll be pleased (?) to know that I’m back.

I spent a week on the other side of Australia visiting my family. My grandmother turned 90 and along with all the celebrations there was a fair amount of death talk. That part kind of surprised me because, well, I didn’t think it was cool to talk about death when you’re celebrating someone’s birthday. But apparently the taboo gets thrown right out the window once you reach the venerable old age of 90. Even my ten-year old niece joined in the act by asking the very truthful, but incredibly uncomfortable question of:

“When you die are we going to bury you under the dirt?”


It freaks me out to think that my grandmother was alive in the time of Downton Abbey – Season Four at least (and yes, that is how I measure things).

But it was a nice relaxing week during which I slept in everyday, had a couple of hardcore Chinese massages (I nearly needed to safeword during the second one and I have bruises to show for it) and spent quality time with my family.

I generally managed to stick to my diet and even went to a couple of gym sessions in my home town. I had baaad instructors though and it was a relief to go back to my usual Combat class this morning. Although I said I wouldn’t weigh myself, I eventually ended up succumbing to curiosity just before I departed and I discovered that I’ve lost at least a stone, or fourteen pounds or 6-ish kgs – depending on which part of the world you live in.

Coming back on the plane, I also had the lovely experience of being on a newly fitted-out Qantas 737 which had an iPad in each seat pocket as the entertainment unit. I watched a documentary about the real Von Trapp family (yes, that Von Trapp family. I knew nothing about them other than what I’d “learned” from way too many viewings of The Sound of Music, so it was interesting from that perspective) and a documentary about fasting diets. Having not really read much of the literature about fasting, it was surprising to learn about the health benefits (albeit, there aren’t many human studies out there yet).

So other than the fact that I did very little story writing (just couldn’t get into the mood) and I failed at doing all the other things I said I would do like sending some very overdue emails, I had a lovely holiday.



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  1. welcome home!
    Death talk is all the rage, dear girl – have you not heard of Death Cafes? Popping up everywhere. (where folk go to discuss the big D, not actually do it!) Fabulous idea! We should all be much more open about death…it is after all our only guarantee…and then families would be sure of people’s wishes (both during the process and afterwards) and there would hopefully be more acceptance of it as an inevitability of natural processes rather than medicalising it unnecessarily. (70% of people wish to die at home, but more than 70% actually die in acute care hospitals)
    Death is so my thang… am studying Masters degree specialising in clinical ethics at the end of life 😉

    1. I must have missed the coming of the boom in death talk! Lol.
      I do understand the practicality of communicating your wishes to your loved ones, but it seemed weird to be almost celebrating life and death in the same breath. Weirdly enough, M had talked me through his wishes for his funeral the other day in the car on the way to the gym…bizarre.

      Your study sounds fascinating. I find it appalling that in this country you cannot choose to die and that euthanasia is not a legal option. I also think we sometimes try too hard these days to save people that shouldn’t be kept alive. I read a story in the paper the other day about a football player who had been brought back after 30 mins of CPR. His family was lamenting the fact that they had brought him back because his ‘life’ and the lives of those forced to care for him were a misery.
      I hope I have a ‘clean’ death…

      Speaking of death, have you seen the Japanese movie “Departures”? It’s a good introduction to Japanese cultural ideas about death that you may find interesting.

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