Week Thirteen

In case you were wondering, yes, I’m still doing the fasting thing. Still 3 days a week and while it’s definitely not cruisey, I’m much more used to feeling hungry. So much so that I have forgotten to eat a couple of times – on fasting days, mind you, and I only realised when my levels of hunger rose to extraordinary levels and I was wondering why…lol.

The chick at work who drives me crazy – mostly because she is Japanese and thinks she is never wrong – needed a sugar rush on Friday and went off to buy some biscuits. When she came back she offered them around the office and I said, “No thanks” to which she said, “Why???” to which I said, “I’m fasting”. Three hours later I ate my 120cals of yoghurt for lunch and she said to me, “You’re eating! That’s not fasting! Fasting is eating nothing and drinking lemon juice” to which I said, “I’m doing the fasting diet, you can read about it on the internet. It’s a different type of fasting. I can have up to 500 calories” to which she said, “But that’s not fasting! You don’t eat when you are fasting.” And people wonder why I want to slap the bitch down.

She also thinks ants are bigger on the east coast of Australia (they’re not), all foreigners who live in Japan hate it (they don’t) & Japanese healthcare is much better than here because kids in Japan don’t get headlice (they mightn’t get headlice, but tuberculosis rates are one of the highest of any developed nation and only 24% of women have ever had a pap smear with most Japanese women I know not even knowing what one is). I’ve given up trying to suggest alternatives to some of her incorrect assumptions, but it’s like beating my head up against a Shinto toori gate and as you all know, I’m not a masochist.


My beating window opened yesterday and I had a nice beating courtesy of Mr Crop, Mr Cane and Mr Big-wooden-slappy-thing (he’s just a big piece of wood, I think). I also had some nice bondage courtesy of Mr Armbinders, a belt and several pieces of rope.

(Note to self: remember how much armbinders hurt *before* asking to be tied up ‘damsel-in-distress-on-railroad-tracks’ style with armbinders. My shoulders are still hurting.)

My trip to Japan has been pushed to the end of September/start of October, so it looks like my story will be finished before I go – if I can squeeze the last chapter out of my birth canal. I started mapping out the outline yesterday so now I just need to fill in the bits and pieces. The second last chapter needs a bit more tweaking or ‘mothering’ as M likes to call it, which I will do this week. M and I have been having some pretty funny conversations about some of the characters and talking about what’s going to happen. Sometimes I’ll come home from work and instead of a “How was your day?” it’s a, “So, how’s Will today?”

A month or so back I needed to talk something through with someone so I decided to tell him what my plans were for the story. Ever since I’ve been sounding ideas off him and asking his advice. It certainly does help to have another perspective on things. He asked me last night with a twinkle in his eye whether he was going to get a credit on my ‘book’. I told him he might get a thank you on page three…if he’s nice to me…lol.

exercise yoda


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