Just a quickie….

I’m last-chaptered out so no energy for a proper blog this week, but I just have to share what I saw the twenty-something Asian chick wearing at the gym last week.

80's Aerobics Fashion

It was pretty much this except without the headband and with much more cameltoe.

The G-string leotard was actually black and looked scarily like this:


Except, as I mentioned before, there was much more cameltoe and she was wearing a boobtube underneath over her ample boobage.

I couldn’t help looking at her in the mirror for the entire class and laughing my ass off. It just reminded me so much of the eighties and my idol:


I can’t tell you the number of times I did the Jane Fonda workout. I loved her purple leg warmers and marvelled at how she could get her leg that high without dislocating her hip. In fact, I did it so many times that I just about wore the VHS out.

Yeah, aerobics in the eighties was good stuff 🙂

I’ve been doing aerobics in some form or another for about twenty years. I’m just proud to say that never once, during all that time, have I ever worn leg warmers or a leotard. Is eighties fashion back and was the chick in my gym class actually a super fashionista, or was she just a poor misguided soul who needs to learn that full make up and a G-string leotard in a Bodyattack class just do not mix?


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  1. Funny – I confess I did wear the leotard, but with tights and t-shirt not like your Asian chick. I think at the time I figured spandex would make me work harder. There were often people then as well as now who would get all made up before a workout.

    1. Lol..nice 🙂 I just don’t see how wearing stocking/tights under a leotard can be comfortable. I usually stew in my own sweat in wicking fabrics and minimal coverage so the spandex and make-up just confounds me.
      I miss the 80’s sometimes though!

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