In lieu of a final chapter…

…I bring you a blog post about very little. Sorry about that.

Hmmm…my week was, in a word, fucking exhausting. Well, that’s two words, but meh. What’s a word between innernet buddies?

So, the last chapter is finished. I wrote it on the bus, I wrote it on the toilet, I wrote it at 4am in the fucking dark and it is done. Except you know what I’m like and I feel the need to read it for the fiftieth time just to make sure. I can practically recite the damn thing, but I still feel the need to read it again…and tweak it and polish it…my preeeeccccioussss.

So I’m going to go to bed and then wake up tomorrow and read it again. And then…maybe then…I’ll post it.

I haven’t functioned on so little sleep since the time I was writing my undergrad thesis. Which, by the way, was shorter than this goddamn story and took way much less time. I got to thinking about the topic of my thesis, Nihonjinron, which broadly translates as the theory of Japanese uniqueness the other day when the Jap-chick at work piped up with her latest weird-ass idea – that “western” people have different DNA so their bodies require meat to function, but Japanese people are okay without meat.

I casually mentioned my 15 years of semi-vegetarianism during the entire period I lived in Japan and for the following five years after that during which I consumed a pretty fish-heavy diet with some sporadic chicken sprinkled in, but apparently that didn’t count for anything.

My thesis revolved around debunking the myth that Japanese people are special. Now, while I wouldn’t call them special, I would definitely call a lot of their shit quirky and if you read any of my quirky japan series, you probably came to that realisation yourself.

Nihonjinron is quite an interesting topic. There is a whole culture of indoctrinating kids into the myth and it sets up the xenophobic thing perfectly i.e. we’re special and you’re not, therefore you can’t play with us. Unfortunately, the idea of Japanese uniqueness and by extension superiority, kind of set them up perfectly to go to war with the rest of the world and that ended badly for everyone involved.

Not only did I have story angst this week but I had customer angst and Jap-chick all up in my grill. I’ve got a full brain, I’m hungry and I’m so not organised to be heading off to Japan in less than a week. I mean, I haven’t even written out my shopping list yet!




4 thoughts on “In lieu of a final chapter…

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    1. Yeah…that photo is quite something 😉
      Japan lost all its fun for me when I started going for work. Now I kind of dread it (I know I shouldn’t begrudge a free overseas trip, but…)

  1. I am devestated! But understand the pressure of those invisible readers who anticipate ……well, I guess we can wait. But most of all thank you for the pleasure your writing has given me. Please, let Thaylin take Kasandra!

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