Sexual submission vs submission

Many, many eons ago, I wrote a piece about how to spot a submissive. I'm not going to direct you to that very bland and quite embarrassing little blog because the date on it was 1st Aug 2005, which just happened to be an unfortunate period in my life (by way of explanation...I'd just left... Continue Reading →


Not sure what to call this one

In this week's news, I finished drafting out the next 20 chapters of my story, which is essentially the next 'book' and then I realised that now I actually have to write the thing and I thought, "Fuck..." Don't you hate it when you just want to read the story and don't want to spend the... Continue Reading →

Japanese hotel room porn

I have a fetish for looking voyeuristically at hotel rooms. That's why it always takes me so long to choose a hotel - because I pour over photos of the rooms and try to weigh up which floor plan would be the best and which room has a toilet with the most features (actually I... Continue Reading →

The ex

I met up with my ex-husband while I was in Japan - you remember the one I divorced because I discovered I preferred to be tied up and beaten? It's been 8 years since I left him but I've managed to meet up with him every time I've been back to Japan since. It's always... Continue Reading →


I've been back for two days now and I officially have Japan-drop (which is like sub-drop but more sucky). When I return to Australia after every visit to 'the land of happiness' as M calls it, I emotionally sink like a stone and feel a sudden urge to claw the eyes out of everyone around... Continue Reading →


I've been in Japan for 10 days and I've filled my time by lining up for an hour to eat this: Followed by this for dessert: I've bought $3 shirts and $10 bottles of whiskey and I've got a bag full of rice and gadgets. Today I'm on a mission to buy a new rice cooker.... Continue Reading →

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