I’ve been in Japan for 10 days and I’ve filled my time by lining up for an hour to eat this:

Tsujihan’s zeitakudon (raw tuna, bream & snapper on rice which, after you’ve eaten it, they fill your bowl with broth and you have a soupy rice porridge) a.k.a heaven on earth

Followed by this for dessert:

Sweet potato, chestnut and salted caramel pancake with vanilla bean ice cream. The pancake alone was 1.5 inches high…

I’ve bought $3 shirts and $10 bottles of whiskey and I’ve got a bag full of rice and gadgets. Today I’m on a mission to buy a new rice cooker.

Did I mention I had a hotel room that came with a Nespresso machine (complete with endless capsules in 4 flavours), a graffiti wall (complete with pens to ‘express’ myself) and a toilet that had buttons to open the lid and lift the toilet seat (just washing and blow-drying your bum is sooooo 2012) ?


It don’t get much better than this.


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    1. The pancake was sooooooooo good. When I come to Japan I stuff my face with fish and cake because they’re two things that Australia does very poorly. I’ve only got 5 meals left…what to eat??…what to eat??

  1. it all looks delicious and sounds like such fun!!!
    I am hazarding a guess that the 5:2 is on hold for the duration of your trip 😉

    You must be in foodporn heaven 😀

    1. Lol…yes there is definitely a hold on the 5:2. It’ll probably take me a month to recover (maybe two…) I’m not looking forward to getting back on the fasting wagon, but it must be done!

  2. the high life 😉 i love Japanese food and I’ve dated some very hot Japanese men… they always look so serious, it makes me hot 😉 enjoy yourself!

        1. You mean Ken Watanabe, (the older guy) or Hiroyuki Sanada?

          Those sort of guys really are the exception…Maybe if you get out of the big cities and find yourself a hardened farmer or something they might be alright. The pasty city guys tend to weigh less, be shorter and are more feminine than I am. That just ain’t cool.

          1. Sanada… I love him 🙂 But I know what you mean… there are some exceptions though. A long time ago I dated a Japanese guy with hair like Sanada had in the Last Samurai, and he was about 6’2. Not “big” but not too slim either. He was very quiet though, that did make me a bit nuts 😉

            1. You must of had a wild one! 😉 I’m assuming he was a Japanese guy who had escaped Japan? They always tend to be a bit cooler and more suitable for alpha male-ness.

  3. Regret to announce that subtle sojourn in the land of happiness (Japan) has officially ended this morning at 11am, she boarded a flight back to Australia and will be home sometime after midnight tonight. She will be bringing home goodies in her suitcase to enjoy the memories and tastes of Japan for the next couple of months.


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