Not sure what to call this one

In this week’s news, I finished drafting out the next 20 chapters of my story, which is essentially the next ‘book’ and then I realised that now I actually have to write the thing and I thought, “Fuck…”

Don’t you hate it when you just want to read the story and don’t want to spend the next twenty or so weeks writing the damn thing? Maybe I can outsource it? Lol. But I have noticed that some part of me has missed writing these past few weeks. I have very few interests and without writing taking up every spare waking moment of my life, I have a lot of time to kill which usually tempts me to stuff things in my mouth. And by ‘things’ I mean food, so get your mind out of the gutter again, people!

I’m back on the 4:3 wagon but my non-fasting days are still on the explosive side, so I’m trying to reel that back in at the moment. Hopefully, once I get back into routine, I’ll be able to get that back under control again too. Funnily enough, since putting on a bit of weight in Japan, now people are commenting that I’ve lost weight. I’m not sure how that works.

I watched the end of Breaking Bad and thought again that it was a very well-written and fantastically acted story. Part of me can’t help asking if that person who we think died, well, did he actually die? (I’m trying not to give spoilers so forgive my slightly confusing question.) And I want to know why Jesse was making a box in that fantasy scene. It got me thinking about Pulp Fiction and then I was all like, “Maybe that’s a metaphor for his soul.” But then I thought, “Maybe he just wanted a pretty box for his blue meth.”

I’ve got me some eye candy now that season 2 of Arrow is back, although I’m in major withdrawal for Ray Donovan. And people, I completely forgot about season four of Downton Abbey! Ahhh! Must.catch.up.on.all.episodes.

In slave news, I’ve had the punishment white boots on a fair bit this week for various offences, mostly involving my lack of enthusiasm at wearing boots. I’ve also managed to accrue 14 sessions with Mr Cane for not calling M “Master” when addressing him on Skype while I was in Japan (…and a few times since coming back too…whoops.)

In yoghurt baby news, I brewed up three batches of yoghurt this week and it was all good. I stumbled across this Caspian Sea yoghurt page in English so you can check it out if you’re interested.

And finally in music news, I’m a bit obsessed with Fall Out Boy at the moment and particularly the song The Phoenix. Body Combat 57 introduced it and My songs know you did in the dark to me so I’ve had them both on repeat for a week. That’s probably sad but it’s exactly what I do when I like something: play it, eat it or do it to death until I become sick of it and then move onto the next thing. That doesn’t sound like a particularly healthy relationship to have with things, but meh, that’s how I roll.




2 thoughts on “Not sure what to call this one

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  1. another breaking bad fan.>>>

    Guess you guys are everywhere.

    On the breakng bad front, a local group here in Albuquerque had full funeral for Walter White, Flowers, mourners in black, coffin, you name it.

    They sold tickets and donated the funds to a local charity.

    Now a local watering hole has the only real Walter White tombstone.

    Keep safe


    1. Yep, us breaking bad fans are everywhere – even downunder where we’re forced to watch it through the slightly shady ways of the internet.

      Actually, there are 13 people in my office and 4 of us are bb fans. I think that’s pretty representative 🙂

      I loved that full funeral idea for WW. And I love the name, Albuquerque. I bet that shows up in a lot of spelling bees.

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