My week was hard. Push ups are hard. Getting comfortable in ankle cuffs is also hard. In English, I have to say 'hard' or 'puma' (pineapple up my ass), but in Japanese I could make an 'Nnnn!' sound that kind of sounds like I'm constipated and it perfectly expresses the hard/frustrating/difficult/tiring feeling I want to... Continue Reading →


Pain is fuel

I spent a large chunk of my afternoon in the cage ala this:   There were some padlocks and copious amounts of rattling of the chain. He took pity on me and let me wear knee boots instead of thigh boots so at least I didn't have to deal with dead leg as well as... Continue Reading →

Happy milestone to me

This is slightly overdue and I've been meaning to post about it for a while, but...meh...you know how I roll. Last month while I was in Japan, my blog views clicked over the 500,000 mark. Yay. It's only taken...umm...about 8 years and 1100 posts, but here we are. I remember the heady days of 2008-2009... Continue Reading →

The Cage

I spent last Sunday reassembling my cage and cleaning the months of dust from the bars.   It used to be quite explainable when we had Jacque the standard poodle pup, but now it's a little bit weird to see this big-ass cage sitting plainly in sight...but no dog in the house. For quite some... Continue Reading →

Yeah, I need caps

It's hot and I've been finishing up a juicy chapter in the story (chapter 5 to be exact!) and it's making me all squelchy - oh, wait...that's just my under-boob sweat because it's hot and our FUCKING AIRCON IS BROKEN. We discovered this fact last Sunday when it was 37 degrees (is that like 98 or something... Continue Reading →

It’s okay to make me angry

I've had this sentence going through my brain all week: It's okay to make me angry. And it's weird because it sounds like the title of a bad after-school special or the name of a book that should be in the Inspirational aisle at your local bookstore (and do people even still go to bookstores anyway?)... Continue Reading →

The itch

So M and I had a very interesting chat in bed this morning during which I pointed out that he had been almost as bad a slave as I am. That's a conversation that is very weird to have while you're wearing the collar and the boots and have your arm twisted up behind your... Continue Reading →

Highlights of my week

Downloading Maverick iOS and trying to figure out why my mouse was scrolling like an iPad (up pulls the page down, down pulls the page up) Do you know how much that kind of shit messes with your mind, Apple? Finding a gecko in my toilet - while sitting on the toilet Getting very dehydrated... Continue Reading →

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