Highlights of my week

  • Downloading Maverick iOS and trying to figure out why my mouse was scrolling like an iPad (up pulls the page down, down pulls the page up) Do you know how much that kind of shit messes with your mind, Apple?
  • Finding a gecko in my toilet – while sitting on the toilet
  • Getting very dehydrated and covered in ick and flies – I just *love* my job sometimes
  • Waking up on Sunday morning to find M watching Benson. I’m waiting for the theme song for Diff’rent Strokes to come wafting through the house now
  • Finishing chapter 3 of the new story and deciding on a name for the new character. You really don’t want to know how long I spend angsting over names sometimes.

I had a craving to watch Secretary again on Saturday night so I did. I think watching James Spader in The Blacklist made me want to revisit his particular brand of condescending alpha male-ism in a slightly more d/s setting. I really am on the fence about Secretary; parts of it are inspired, but other parts are just weird and detract from the whole. I remember watching it with my sister once and she turned me and said, “I just didn’t get the carrot and the saddle thing and what’s with that grass bed?”

I don’t know why every d/s orientated thing has to have a weird flavour to it. Is it like when people who don’t really understand something try to recreate it and it becomes decidedly fishy? I’ve lost count of the number of movies/tv shows that were supposed to be set in Japan but end up being dodgy because they were filmed in the Chinese gardens in Sydney or somewhere. And speaking of The Wolverine, this pic from the website just made me smile because the banners from left to right say Karaoke, Charcoal BBQ & some back to front, upside, not-really-sure-what-it’s-supposed-to-be gibberish. Not cool Hugh, not cool.



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