Yeah, I need caps

It’s hot and I’ve been finishing up a juicy chapter in the story (chapter 5 to be exact!) and it’s making me all squelchy – oh, wait…that’s just my under-boob sweat because it’s hot and our FUCKING AIRCON IS BROKEN.

We discovered this fact last Sunday when it was 37 degrees (is that like 98 or something for you heathen non-metric folk?). Today it was 36.1, but Saturdays are scone-making days so I had the oven on for baking and that made the house a FUCKING BAZILLION degrees.

Oh and by the way, I’m very testy because I’m ovulating.

So it’s going to cost about $3,500 to replace the aircon because the old one is fried. I also waited almost an hour in the heat and flies for a bus on Friday night after an uber gym session that FUCKED ME UP and I came home to make some iced tea and poured water in the glass pitcher and it split IN HALF!! dumping hot water all over the electrical stuff on the kitchen bench and almost over me.

Oh and did I mention that I found out this week that my boss is returning to work after her maternity leave? OMG. WORST. FUCKING. NEWS. EVER. This is the boss who got me in a place so dark and so completely fucked up that I contemplated some serious shit.

So, yeah, I need CAPS.


Hot & Spicy KFC…mmm…because the temperature has gone down to 34 and need some more hot in my life.

And chicken.

caps 2


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