The Cage

I spent last Sunday reassembling my cage and cleaning the months of dust from the bars.



It used to be quite explainable when we had Jacque the standard poodle pup, but now it’s a little bit weird to see this big-ass cage sitting plainly in sight…but no dog in the house.

For quite some time the cage was actually functioning as a toy rack in M’s bedroom. We folded up the cage and used it to hang our assortment of whips, chains, canes, restraints and other devious devices from it. While I was removing the toys from it I was reminded that we have a *crap* tonne of toys. Who buys all this stuff? Oh, me, that’s right. I used to buy things that I hate and then hated every time they were used on me. I don’t even know how to explain that.

Anyway, I’m apparently going to be spending some quality time in the cage from now on. With a chain on my collar while I’m inside the cage, just so I’m secure….because apparently a metal box is not secure enough.



There were also noises being made about being hooded and booted and put into the cage while the latest episode of Arrow was on, so I could only listen to it and not watch it.

That’s called cruel and unusual punishment.

Personally, I’d like to be padlocked into the cage. I always find that having no choice about bondage makes it easier to ‘let go’. If you’re uncomfortable and your foot is going to sleep or you just want to scratch some itch in the middle of your back, it’s great to not be able to.

But with padlocks come problems and M is always worried about the ‘what if’…what if I have some problem and need to get out quickly…what if something happens to him and I need to get out. The ‘reality’ of needing to be safe, just in case, always throws a spanner in my prison fetish.

So I was thinking cable ties… and a pair of scissors. Easy to get out of if I really need to and easy to see if I got out but didn’t really need to.

It still kind of spoils the fantasy though.


2 thoughts on “The Cage

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  1. I’ve actually wondered about the safety issue and the ‘what ifs’. The reality is, the person in charge could have an accident or a medical emergency, and if the sub is bound and chained for real, it could get sticky very quickly. But, as you say, it spoils the fantasy if there is a way to get out quickly and easily and everyone knows it.

    1. Yeah, I really wish there was a way around it…

      I’ve passed out on a couple of occasions in various stages of bondage-ness and it’s been quite interesting trying to get me out.

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