Pain is fuel

I spent a large chunk of my afternoon in the cage ala this:



There were some padlocks and copious amounts of rattling of the chain. He took pity on me and let me wear knee boots instead of thigh boots so at least I didn’t have to deal with dead leg as well as crampy leg while I was in there.

About 2 hours in M decided that the chain was too long and shortened it so I couldn’t lay down anymore so I leaned back against the cage and just chilled with the bars making decorative indents in my back. Then he decided that I needed a ‘drink’ and when he told me to open my mouth, I really should have opened my mouth…

I went to gym in the morning and was pretty sore before I even got into the cage, so the whole discomfort thing didn’t faze me too much. The short and deceptively ouchie caning I received before being lead on a chain crawling to his bed was a nice layer of icing on my afternoon cage cake and all was good with the world when it was over.

The cage time did give me some quality thinking time and I was busily writing more of the story in my head. I’m pleased to report that after getting totally bogged down in chapter 6 last week, chapter 7 is almost writing itself. I did have a moment yesterday where I reread all the chapters so far and hated all of it and got totally depressed and then I was in a serious I-need-to-start-again-from-scratch mood, but with an afternoon of cage time, somehow, everything seems better.


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