I’m having one of those days where fasting really sucks. After six months doing 4:3 I’m pretty familiar with the feeling of hunger and usually I cope very well with it, but today, I’m ravenous and all I have to say is AHHHHH! Hopefully I will make it through the next 12 hours or so.

I think it’s because I’ve been dining and wining out so often recently. I’m not used to all this ‘restaurant’ food. Although in all my meals out, I can’t say I’ve had something better than I can have at home. M’s talents in the kitchen are pretty damn impressive. I’m looking forward to Christmas and tucking into some ham, German potato salad and plum pudding. Mmmm… Then I’ll promptly fall into a food coma under the air-con and it will feel like a proper Christmas.

Today was the launch of Body Combat 58 at my gym and I had a sad. I do not like it one bit – the music is crap, the movements feel weird and generally it’s all very meh. I do at least 4 combat classes a week so I’m not looking forward to the next 16 or so times I have to do it before the instructors start mixing. It’s going to be a looooong few weeks is all I have to say.

I didn’t have any cute/inane questions from my Japanese customers this week, but last night we did get into a discussion around the table about how many companies we’ve worked for and the tally ended up like this:

Japanese dude number one: 1

Japanese dude number two: 1

Japanese dude number three: 1

Australian dude number one: 3

Australian dude number two: 2

Me: 10

Lol. I really do wonder if I have ADD sometimes. My ability to do one thing for any given time, including a job sucks balls. I’d like to point out that very shortly I’ll be celebrating my 3 year anniversary at my current job. It’s a RECORD people.

This week I’ve been bogged down in Chapter 11 of my story. Choosing names is hard. Making new characters is hard. Pretty much every goddamn thing is hard. Chapter 11 is pretty much done and just needs a few tweaks so I’ve left it and moved onto Chapter 12 to give myself a break. FYI, I’ve changed the ending of the story approximately 4 times so far. I think taking my time and mothering each chapter to death before I publish any of it has been an experiment gone awry because now I can’t get decisive about any of it. At least when it’s out there then I’m locked into a path and can’t go back and fiddle away until my eyes start bleeding. I’m 26,000 words in so far and I have severe RSI.

Are we done yet?

P.S If you have been enjoying watching Arrow and haven’t seen this yet, you really should watch it (might have some mini spoilers if you haven’t seen Season 2 Episode 6 yet.)


7 thoughts on “Hungry

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    1. Lol..could you imagine it? Actually I’d prefer to make a choose your own adventure. I loved those books as a kid!
      Oh and if you ask nicely, you might get a chapter for xmas 🙂

  1. I havent see Arrow, downloading it now. Breaking Bad has had me on the edge of my seat since its start, i dont think i have loved a series as much as i am this one.

    I also loved choose your own adventure books, would read them with Felisha when she was younger.

    1. With Arrow just switch off and enjoy the eye candy 🙂

      Breaking Bad was so clever…fantastic writing and wonderful acting. I’m so glad you came to the BB party.

      We’re at that time of year now where we start getting desperate for tv during the hiatus. M and I have been going vintage… The Wire, Sopranos… I’m even thinking about giving Lost a go!

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