This week in subtle news

  • I have a slightly sore cervix from birthing my story baby. Although I’ve been calling the second part of the story Ascent as a way to distinguish it from the first part, here on the blog I decided to stick with the naming and imaginatively call it chapter 31. By the way, did you know Desiderata is latin for ‘desired things’. And did you also know that I studied latin while I was in Japan, meaning I studied a dead language in Japanese? Yeah, that’s a piece of random damn trivia if ever I’ve heard one.
  • I went to gym class last weekend wearing most of my sexy santa bunny outfit (it was wear a costume day, so I didn’t just rock up randomly in a costume – in case you thought I was some kind of crazy.) When I arrived, my instructor politely informed me that I was at a fitness club, not some other type of club.
  • We had our office Christmas event and this year we played kiddie golf and had a meal afterwards. It was the first year I didn’t wear a costume (having already filled my need for costume-wearing during the festive season at gym). We played in teams, boys vs girls and the boys team spent most of the time trying to hit the girls. Apparently there was $20 riding on it ($50 if they managed to hit us on the ass)…Boys…
  • And while we were having dinner the topic got onto tattoos and who had one. Everyone was stunned at me having one. I seem to have this ‘sugar wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ personae and find it hilarious. I lol-ed into my pint-sized glass of cider (which is my alcoholic beverage of choice at the moment). I think they think I have a tramp stamp…
  • I’m holding the reigns a.k.a sitting in the hot seat of logistics at work while the logistics guy is away on parental leave. This is another reason why I don’t like kids. Logistics always gives me a tic in the eye and makes me nauseous. I also feel very much like I have a sideways-pineapple-up-the-ass-with-no-lube situation going on.
  • I’m now lusting after an Asus T100 transformer laptop to improve my mobile story-writing experience. After tapping out a ridiculous number of words on my iPod on the bus, in the bath & on the toilet, I’ve decided that I could really do with a keyboard.
  • My wedding dress is in a box, on a plane, heading towards me as I type. M said he wanted a fashion parade when it arrived. But that would be really weird, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, it should still be vacuum packed so that’s a good excuse not to open it, wouldn’t you say?
  • I haven’t played WoW in a month. I’m not sure how I feel about that.
  • Apparently I’m supposed to be getting my nipples pierced come the new year. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that either.



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