And the last day of 2013 brought me a wedding dress

Yeah…ironic, isn’t it?



At 8am this morning, Mr Postman came knocking with a box from across the ocean. My ex had said he’d had to put it into another ‘special’ box because the original box was too big.

This is the box it arrived in:



Now, I think that sending your ex her wedding dress in a box that once contained a play table for your son that you’ve had with your new wife, who used to be your ex while you were married with your now ex and attended your wedding is somehow weird…but I’m not quite sure why….

Anyway, it’s here, all 8.2kgs of it for the princely sum of 12,500 yen postage. And I opened the box and it smelled like Japan.



There was my veil, the hoop, the fifty million layers of organza Β and the dress still packed in its infinity pac ‘to keep your memories and dreams forever’:


And he’d put a couple of extra special things in the box too. Like our Engrish wedding certificate:



Because we will take the partner each other from now on (it loses something in translation):



The box that my engagement ring came in:



And he’d even kept the little rose things I’d worn in my hair:



So it just goes to prove that he’s even worse than me at throwing this type of shit away and that makes me feel a bit better.

So now I have the dress, what the hell should I do with it? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the poll below (oh and have a happy new year):


14 thoughts on “And the last day of 2013 brought me a wedding dress

Add yours

    1. Lol…actually this dress was the only thing I’ve bought that I did almost zero angsting about. It was love at first sight πŸ˜‰

  1. The dress. The dress has been an ongoing saga for quite a while. Kind of like the ricin cigarette in breaking bad. Like you I am not sure what should be done with it, but you gotta give us a pic of you with in full makeup and the dress.

    1. ROFL at the ricin…I miss breaking bad something fierce. I watched the video of Aaron Paul calling everyone on a twitter a bitch the other day and it brought a tear to my eye.

      I’m sorry I’ve angsted for 7 years on here about the dress…I really suck at closure. And by pics you mean non-wedding pics? ’cause I got hundreds of those suckers.

    1. I think my dear readers definitely want a thank fuck now she’ll stop talking about the dress saga party, but I’m still not sure I’m in the celebratory mindset about it myself. Still a complex situation that one.

  2. Nothing better than to wear the dress while you endure a good spanking. I can only image you might have a couple of folks close by that would enjoy spanking you.

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