In honour of Australia Day

Oi Oi Oi and all that. It's it is in everyday in the paradise that is Western Australia. In celebration of January 26th which is Australia Day, I bring you some fun facts about this weird and wonderful place that is Australia. 1. Ordering beer is a nightmare You would think getting a beer... Continue Reading →


Torture porn

I had an email recently asking me if I was into torture porn and what I thought about it because my story sometimes goes a bit in that direction. It was a good question. So in answer, I'm definitely not adverse to porn and I guess I do like a bit of torture (mostly because... Continue Reading →


I have decidedly mixed feelings about getting a birthday card from my father on which he spelled my name wrong on three separate occasions. Very.goddamn.mixed.feelings.


This week was a bit meh...for lack of a better word. Work was busy a.k.a I wanted to punch just about every single one of my customers, the weather was furnace hot and I was generally feeling lethargic. That's one of my favourite words by the way. Something about the combination of sounds just makes... Continue Reading →

Happy 2014

I feel like I need to write something just to get that depressing post off the front page so here I am, twice as validated and half as angsty. I don't know what it is, but I always get a bit funny at this time of year. That whole xmas/new year period is like a funky twilight... Continue Reading →

Validation is an ugly word

Validation is something I’ve always craved in my life. The agreement with my opinion, the praise that I’ve done a good job, the affirmation that I’ve made the correct choice, are all things I've needed like air to breathe. I hate that I can’t exist happily without the need for recognition from others. I hate... Continue Reading →

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