Happy 2014

I feel like I need to write something just to get that depressing post off the front page so here I am, twice as validated and half as angsty.

I don’t know what it is, but I always get a bit funny at this time of year. That whole xmas/new year period is like a funky twilight zone for me. It’s probably due to my impending birthday and being reminded that another year has passed and I haven’t achieved much, but it’s the same every year so I don’t know why I’m surprised each and every time it happens.

The votes for what to do with the dress are in (thank you to everyone who voted!) and having a ritual cremation has topped the list, closely followed by ebaying the sucker. At this stage, I’m favouring putting it back in the box and hiding it. Yeah. I’ll probably need another 7 years of closure before I can actually bring myself to do anything with it…lol.

I made myself a writing cave in the spare bedroom on New Year’s day. So now I have a quiet space that I can hang out in and focus on squeezing out the last 20,000 words a.k.a five chapters. I was also needing some creative inspiration so I got some music to listen to just to get me in the ‘mood’. I’ve got a bit of Sia, Bastille, Lana Del Ray and I’m liking I See Fire from the new Hobbit movie. I get disillusioned with music sometimes and think it’s all gone to shit with auto-tune and doh, doh, doh but there’s definitely some good stuff out there if you look.

Getting inspiration is tough sometimes. I will admit to watching a bit of porn here and there…purely for research purposes of course…just to get into that ‘sexual’ headspace. I’ve also had to do a fair amount of reading up on a couple of other things that I can’t talk about yet so that’s definitely been educational.

I went to Bodypump on Thursday night for the first time in a couple of weeks due to work and the holidays and omg…I’m in a world of pain. I can barely sit down on the toilet…Do they make a greeting card for that? Congratulations on exercising to the point that you can no longer sit down to defecate!

Happy Year of the Horse to all (M and I celebrated the new year Japanese-style with pounded rice balls and red bean paste…mmm..)



2 thoughts on “Happy 2014

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  1. Love me some Lana del Ray!
    I also purchased Beyonce’s ‘visual album’ which has some rather good tracks too…

    Glad you’ve halved your angst quota 😉

    1. I’m not sure whether summertime sadness is the song I should be listening to at the moment…lol.
      I’ve still got a fair bit of Rhianna on my ipod too…she is my guilty pleasure. I’ll have to check out Beyoncé just on your recommendation.

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