It’s that time again – search terms!

search terms1

Above is what happens to your blog when you use the words ‘porn’, ‘butt’ and ‘Japan’ a lot in your posts. This has been a friendly community announcement.

I’m curious, how does one cum in one’s own ass? I’m guessing it involves a cup.

Sex porn video booths in Japan? Yeah, I’ll have to do a post on that one day.

And as far as the kanji is concerned, 鈴木 is suzuki and as for yamato, well, I’m guessing you mean the most common kanji which is 大和. Anything else I can help you with?

And speaking of kanji, I was doing some reading on piercings the other day (why I was doing it is a long story…) and I came across this site which covered the 2010 King Of Tattoo Convention in Japan, which just goes to prove that when Japanese people decide to go against the grain, they really go. So amongst the photos of people with very large hooks through various parts of their bodies, I found this pic which is probably the first pic I’ve seen of a Japanese person with a considerable amount of kanji on their body (oh and needles…)


The phrase is 逃げちゃ駄目だ repeated several times with the font gradually getting bigger. It  means “You can’t run (from something)” or a bit more poetically & loosely translated, “There’s no running, there’s no hiding”.

I’ve always wondered what a Japanese person would choose to put on their body kanji-wise and I think this is great. Whenever I want to amuse myself, I just do a google image search for kanji tattoos and spend the next hour or so dissolving into laughter (or cringing in horror).

Just remember if you don’t know what it says, don’t put it on your body.


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