This week was a bit meh…for lack of a better word.

Work was busy a.k.a I wanted to punch just about every single one of my customers, the weather was furnace hot and I was generally feeling lethargic. That’s one of my favourite words by the way. Something about the combination of sounds just makes it sound like it makes you feel. In Japanese, my favourite word is mufu which means ‘still’ as in there being no wind. I don’t think it’s a particularly exciting word, I just like the way it makes my mouth feel when I say it.

/end random rambling

Recently, I had some nice validation from an instructor at the gym who I’d never done combat with before. I normally do pump with her and she was subbing for one of my usual combat instructors. We had a long conversation about how she thought I should do the instructor class because I was totally ‘rocking’ it (her words, not mine…lol.) I felt like telling her that if I wasn’t good at it after doing 4-5 classes a week I should just fall on my sword and end it all, but instead I just nodded and we continued bonding over our mutual hate of body attack.

Actually, I considered doing the instructor training for 0.23 seconds a while back, because I really enjoy teaching in all its forms but then I reminded myself that the reason I go to the gym is to be yelled atΒ Β de-stress and being an instructor would be like setting my stress levels to MAX. Also, I don’t think I could cope being up on the stage with all the gym bitches judging me. Yeah…worst.possible.scenario.

On the topic of it being furnace hot, which is like the southern hemisphere version of a polar vortex, it was 35 degrees at 11pm last night *goes off to google what that is in fahrenheit* That’s 95 degrees people!! In the middle of the night. WTF? Yesterday we hit 110 or 43 degrees, which wasn’t a record, but was sufficiently furnace-like. But while I’m bitching about it being hot, I would much, much rather be hot than cold. Cold just makes me sad. I really need to live closer to the equator methinks.

I’ve been writing a particularly challenging chapter of the story for a while now and I think it’s going to take me a while longer. Chapter 15…it’s a toughie. Every now and then I ask myself how my little pornish short story ballooned into something that consumes so much of my time. Obviously I have no life! Lol. And then I think what I would be doing with all these hours if I wasn’t spending them writing. Eating? WoW? Plotting the death of my customers?

My WoW time has certainly suffered in that I haven’t raided in months but the biggest thing that has changed is that I’ve kind of become a morning person. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of my impending 37th birthday or what, but I quite enjoy getting up early and writing for a few hours before I go to work. I used to be a person whose brain didn’t start functioning until 3pm and I did all my creative stuff at night, but now I’m useless after about 2pm at work and I find it very hard to do any writing after I come home at 7 or 8pm.

In other news, IΒ got a letter from a Japanese lady I met through work and her four pages of hand-written Japanese were absolutely beautiful.


Unfortunately she was telling me how her husband had passed away. Well, at least now I know not to send her a New Year’s card. In Japan, if a member of your family passes away, you send out a card telling people you’re not sending New Year’s cards and that’s a sign for other people not to send one to you.

I often find that people like to share bad news or confess things to me even though I may not have a very close relationship with them. Someone told me once that it was because I am empathic. How does one test this theory?

Finally, re my impending nipple, septum and tongue piercing…M wants me to give him some dates. I’m thinking about the Australia Day long weekend at the moment. Most of my customer visits will be done by then (I’ve still got two in February but meh) and maybe if I take the Tuesday off as well, I’ll have a couple of days to recover.

I wish I was better with needles. The thought of having those big mother needles going through my sensitive bits is making me nauseous at the moment.


11 thoughts on “Lethargic

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    1. Yeah, it wasn’t the best – still better than freezing my arse off though πŸ™‚ But I hear the eastern states are going to be pretty warm next week too.

        1. Sounds like you need to find a pool, beach or a pub to hang out in πŸ˜‰
          I’m amazed that there are quite a few houses in Perth without aircon…how do people do it??

  1. Are you having those piercings done on the same day? πŸ™‚ I don’t know about the septum but nipples and tongue weren’t very painful for me. (Having them pierced that is, my nipples were sad for a couple of weeks after.) Taking a few days off still might be a good idea because you might be lisping for a bit even after the swelling of your tongue comes down.

    1. Yes, the plan is to have them all on the same day…
      I don’t see how having a ten gauge needle poked through your bits cannot be ouchie though…

      1. That is so brave. πŸ™‚ I hope you will be adequately rewarded (i.e. pampered, waited and receive comfort food). Seriously though, it hurts far less than the cane, it’s just scary (don’t look!) and over really quickly. After is when they hurt. (Nipples, tongue is just annoying.) But please don’t have them done when you are about to have your period if that makes your nipples more sensitive.

        1. There’s a fine line between brave and stupid πŸ˜‰
          Rewarded? That almost sounds like aftercare and that is a bit of a dirty word where M is considered. Lol. Although, after my first piercings he did take me to a chocolate restaurant so I might get something again!

          1. The concept of aftercare kind of squeaks me out but a chocolate restaurant sounds terrific.
            Just had my septum pierced and I only felt a mild and very short, glowing sting. it does not hurt one bit after but blowing your nose (it’s cold here) in public/at work kind of sucks.

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