What would it be like if men were women?

I watched this lovely little gem of a short film about what the world would be like if it was feminist. It’s good not only because of the french accents (everything is better with a french accent), but also because it makes me feel bittersweet about being a woman. Just as a warning, there are some naked boobies in the film, so just bear that in mind when you choose your place to watch it.

I have strangely ambivalent feelings about being a member of the weaker sex. (And it’s unfortunate that we describe women in that way, but that’s how human beings roll.) Sometimes I like the fact that being a woman gives me an excuse not to be strong and other times I hate that it puts me in a box not of my own choosing. But overall, I’m thankful for being a woman because I usually don’t have to pee standing up or in front of other people (how do boys cope with that?)

I work in a fairly testosterone-filled workplace where all of the managers & 85% of the staff are men and you make your way up the workplace ladder by being one of the boys and swearing a lot. I’m very conscious of when I dress like a ‘girl’ and mostly I dress a bit on the side of industrial/tradie so I don’t stand out too much. There are lots of jokes about bitches being crazy and the ‘ball & chain’ back at home flying around the place and it’s pretty much a men’s club. But, I would much rather work for a man because, well, bitches can be crazy and when I did have a female boss, she made me want to slit my wrists with a butter knife (because that would be much less painful than having to deal with her.)

Being of a submissive nature, I don’t really have a problem with the perceived roles of women. Personally I feel that relationships and groups tend to work better when the roles are defined and people don’t try to be what they are not. That being said, not every man is a born leader and not every woman is a nurturer so just because someone is male or female doesn’t automatically qualify them for a specific role.

In my case, I suck at nurturing and taking care of someone else. I’m not maternal or clucky and while I can bake some mean scones, I don’t really do much ‘girlie’ stuff. But I also don’t like doing boy jobs like killing spiders, anything mechanical or anything that takes place outside the house. I’m not sure where that places me in the male/female role stakes but I think I err on the side of girlie-ness.

My porn of choice recently has been Divine Bitches. Granted I have been doing more research-based viewing recently (I feel like I’m writing the story that will never end…) but I still find it refreshing to watch boys cry. I still have an interesting reaction when I watch femdom because I have absolutely no problems with whatever the dommes do to the boys. Yet, if I watch a dom being particularly nasty to a girl, there is a part of me that is shocked?concerned?objects? I’m not sure how to describe my feeling. It’s almost like if the boy wants to be submissive then he deserves whatever he gets, but the submissive girl is more of a victim? That’s a weird way to think of things, isn’t it?

I feel like it’s societal conditioning that is telling me it’s wrong for a man to take advantage of his power, whereas for a woman, it’s totally acceptable because we’re mostly lacking the power anyway.

Part of the problem with women is that we want it both ways – we want to be treated equal until we don’t. We’ve got this weird strength/vulnerability thing going on and for a lot of men, I think they enjoy being needed to do the hard things like heavy-lifting and spider-killing on occasion.

Australian men must be the luckiest on the planet; so many spiders to kill, so many things that can kill you. There are always plenty of opportunities to get that testosterone flowing.




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