I’m going through some stuff at the moment and when I’m going through stuff, I do one of two things on my blog: talk about my stuff ad nauseam or say absolutely nothing.

I’ve been doing the latter for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I don’t think I’m ready to spell out what is going on inside my head…well, that and the fact that when someone at my office asked me if I was okay on Thursday morning, I totally lost it and broke my rule about never blubbering away like a three-year-old at work.

Not cool, subtle…not cool.

I don’t come to decisions lightly and I don’t like change, so all this stuff is exceptionally scary for me.

I feel a bit like I did when I was 18 and embarked on my adventure to Japan. That particular journey took me 7000kms out of my comfort zone and I had no idea how things were going to turn out. Fortunately, things mostly turned out well and 19 years later I have enough stories about that quirky experience to write a book (and I probably should do that one day…)

This time there’s a lot less excitement and much more sadness.I’m not sure whether I made a good decision or not but my gut feeling is that I have to do something.

My iPod is off-limits at the moment because makes me want to cry. And crying on the bus is so not cool. But I’ve done that too on several occasions over the past week…

So there you go, a blog about nothing, explaining nothing and not really having a point.

Stuff. Gotta love it.



6 thoughts on “Stuff

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  1. “K. B. O.”* (Faux Churchill to Doctor Who) Many of Churchill’s quotes are trotted out by me when offering advice to my kids. They don’t listen. Since you aren’t one of my kids, I figure you’ve already got a leg up on not listening so I offered the above.

    You are truly welcome…as I know you are now beside yourself with joy over the life-altering wisdom I just offered (faux or no). It’s ok…I’m used to adulation, so don’t hold back 🙂

    Mr Upton Ogood

    * Translation: Keep buggering on!

  2. ((hugs)) if they help…
    email me if that helps?
    keep breathing (I KNOW that helps!)
    Shine bright like a diamond, beautiful woman xxx

  3. By the by….

    If speaking, at any length, about yourself causes ad nauseum, you could always try Pepto-Bismol. I looked up cures for ad nauseum and it seemed to me that Pepto was a whole lot easier than projetile vomiting…but that’s just me.

    Either way, rinse your mouth before you kiss me, ok? 😉

    Take care

    Mr. Upton (“I’m not a doctor. it’s just a game I play at home”) Ogood

    1. Glad to see you back to your jovial self 🙂

      I’m wondering if an alternative to pepto-bismal would be a bullet to the head?

      Just kidding.

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