I’ve been a loner most of my life. I’ve liked the freedom of not having to worry about another person – constantly wondering what they were thinking about me or thinking about what I should do for them. When I’m with other people I feel a constant need to keep them happy. I change what... Continue Reading →

The unexplainable

I was asked the most basic of questions today: "What do you enjoy?" And I realised I have no fucking idea. I don’t think the gentleman who asked the question realised that it was possible for me to have no fucking idea and it threw him for a loop. So he rephrased the question in... Continue Reading →

That side of things

So it's been a couple of weeks. That is fuck all in the scheme of things, but I've got this huge sense of 'pressure' that I should be doing stuff - like every minute I spend in my apartment watching tv is a minute I could be out there enjoying the delights of being a... Continue Reading →


I did some serious danshari-ing during my move to single, apartment-living. I've never been a real hoarder and I have a strong aversion to buying things that I cannot easily dispose of such as furniture (because, as some would say, I have a commitment phobia), but I have strong sentimental attachments and pretty much I've kept... Continue Reading →


Well, it took almost a week but I've finally managed to do a poop at my new digs. To me (and all girls who are poop-challenged) that's a little sign that I'm starting to feel comfortable in my surroundings. TMI? From me? Never. If I was really going for TMI I could tell you about... Continue Reading →

For better or for worse

You know that stuff I talked about last time? Well, it might be time to talk about it. Five days ago I moved out of the house I've lived in for the last seven and a half years and at the same time I walked away from the relationship that had been the centre of... Continue Reading →

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