Well, it took almost a week but I’ve finally managed to do a poop at my new digs. To me (and all girls who are poop-challenged) that’s a little sign that I’m starting to feel comfortable in my surroundings.


From me? Never.

If I was really going for TMI I could tell you about how I found the former tenant’s sexy time stash wedged at the back of the closet while I was cleaning over the long-weekend.

Fortunately none of it appeared to have been used…

For three days I scrubbed and cleaned and vacuumed and washed and wiped and this place still barely feels clean. And that’s saying a lot because my standards for cleanliness are fairly low. Maybe I’m just getting super anal about stuff.

And speaking of anal, I spent a good 8 hours over two days trying to choose sheets and quilt covers. I finally made a decision, burned a hole in my credit card and took my spoils home and realised I’d made the wrong choice (colour and material) and went back the next day and exchanged it all and I’m still not 100% happy. And tell me, why is it so god damn hard to get decent sheets? Tencil, bamboo, egyptian cotton? And is 1200 thread count enough? Just give me some god damn sheets that don’t feel like sandpaper and don’t cost the same as the GDP of a small African country! That’s all I ask. I can’t deal with this shit at the moment!!

M and I had a nice little email exchange over the weekend during which I managed to tell him some of the things I’ve been wanting to say. I’ve never been good with the talking thing and ultimately I need to think things through and put them on paper before they make any sense, so it helped me feel a bit better.

I’m still not sleeping very well and I’ve got a lovely stress hives/rash thing happening that is making me wanted to scratch my skin off. I’m just waiting for the tic in my eye to kick in to round out the quasimodo look I’m aiming for. I spend a good hour or so everyday just wandering aimlessly around the apartment trying to find stuff and it feels like it’s taking me twice as long to do anything. I need me some routine…and I need to remember which side of the rooms the light switches are on.

It’s crazy how much that kind of stuff messes with your mind.



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