Last night I went to my second masquerade party. I went to sleep at 5:30am so I must have had a decent time. At one point there were five of us in the car and one person in the trunk and it seemed like the funniest thing ever. I’m guessing that was thanks to Mr Jack Daniels.

I have one thing to say about masquerade parties – wearing a mask is a lot of fun. I can understand why the Phantom of the Opera was so enamoured with them (although it’s always nice to be able to remove the mask and still have a face underneath and Erik really didn’t have that luxury.)

Being my second time around I went hard with my Victorian-esque costume and now I have a love/hate relationship with my recently-purchased glue gun. I even sewed stuff- with an actual needle and thread. And I never sew.

This is definitely a new side of me.

On Saturday I spent 4hrs in a craft/sewing supplies shop and came home with 40 feet of tulle, lace, elastic and ribbon as well as sequins, feathers and jewellery-making stuff.

I told you I went hard.

Actually all the supplies were for two costumes because I have a steampunk-themed party to attend early next month. I’m going hard for the costume for that one as well.

I’ll have pictures from last night when I can figure out how to get them off my phone..

In the meantime, I’d like to say a few words about people. People are fascinating. How the hell did we all become such unique bundles of complete differentness? I’m amazed any of us can function/get along with anyone else. And if I thought I was quirky and have issues, I no longer do. There are plenty of more fucked up people than I am out there.

Realising that made me feel immensely better.

. I woke up at 1pm today and had cheesecake for breakfast. Then I stayed in bed all day and watched Arrow and GoT. And so draws to an end my four-day long weekend for Easter. I have to go to work tomorrow and pretend that I’m a normal human being and be nice to people

Bring on next weekend.




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