Back in the saddle

I’ve been on five dates since I became single.

I’m not sure if that is a large number or not. Part of me feels that it is, but part of me is comforted by the fact that I didn’t have sexy time with all of them.

All of my dates have been with spectacularly different men who have a diverse range of occupations, interests and baggage.

One was a 6ft 3in rock-climbing, cyber security guru and another was a yacht-sailing, poem-writing, house renovator. They’ve ranged in ages from 32 to 65. Some have kids. There was even a policeman in the mix and he was great because he comes with his own handcuffs…the real ones.

I’ve also got a few male friends in my circle whom I chat, text and have the odd meal with. One of them gave me this for Easter:


It even has life-like veins running down the shaft…

I asked him what the procedure was for eating a chocolate cock. Does one start at the balls or go straight for the head?

He replied that it depends on the girl. But whichever way I choose, to pace myself.

Sound advice.

I’ve never really done the dating thing before. I’m not really sure about the protocol for follow-up contact or awkward morning-afters when you realise you need to get someone out of your apartment because you’ve got another date in two hours and need to have a shower and put your face on.

I’ve made a few mistakes too, like being emotionally slutty a.k.a telling them too much about me too soon and allowing one particular gentleman to invite himself into my apartment even though I had absolutely no intention of doing anything with him. (It took me five hours and a lot of ‘no’s to get rid of him and he looked like a sad puppy dog as he was leaving…lol.)

I have to say it’s great to have your kink on the table, up-front though. I’ve met almost all of my dates through Fetlife or kinky friends so it makes it so much easier than having to do the awkward conversation of, “So…umm…I have hardware in my nether regions and I kind of like to be tied up and face-fucked. Are you okay with that?”

Surprisingly, they’ve all been nice guys. There was only one who bordered on arrogant and rubbed me up the wrong way, but everyone else was very attentive and easy to be with. Chivalry is also not dead! I’ve had more doors opened for me and more offers to buy me a drink than I could have imagined. But then again….that may be because they wanted to get into my pants. Lol.

I’ve discovered I like tall men and that kids are a hard limit. I still like someone older than me but anything more than about 45 is not really going to do it for me. Someone with their shit together, a reasonably well-paying job and a variety of interests would be ideal.

And they’ve got to be able to treat me a bit mean in the bedroom because, while I enjoy a good spooning after the coitus, I’m not really one for gentle, attentive love-making.

Tie me up, slap me around, pull my hair, drag me around and shove your cock down my throat until I gag.

And if you want to give me some bruises and put your hands around my throat and squeeze that would be great too.

That all kind of works for me.

Interestingly enough, just because you’re on Fetlife doesn’t mean that you want to or enjoy treating a woman in that way. I had one guy tell me that his line was a girl crying.

Crying for me is kind of when things start getting interesting.

So yeah, I’m slowly, but surely figuring out what it is that I want.

Now, I wonder if Mr Policeman could arrange a bit of time in a cell for me.

Be still my beating heart.


5 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

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    1. Lol..of course you went for the head 🙂 Weaselpantz suggested I cut it into slivers to make it last longer…lol.

  1. Is there anything of note that you might want to share with us about the great switcheroo? I too am not good at picking up hints, but it seems that going slave-Master-slave with the same Master might be problematic.

    1. Anything of note? I’m not sure…but yes, as you’ve mentioned, changing the dynamics of a D/s relationship is very tricky. It is also difficult when you’re not really a toppy person but are pushed into that role.

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