I had my itch properly scratched last night by a Mistress who has been waiting to have some one-on-one time with my ass for six years. It was her birthday and I offered up my ass to the birthday Mistress for some special attention. There was a lot of beating involved. Paddles, canes, floggers, crops...I... Continue Reading →


I've met a lot of people recently who are on all ends of the spectrum that I am learning to know as 'kink'. I used to think that being kinky meant being into bdsm; you were a sub or a dom, occasionally a slave or a master and every so often, you'd run into those... Continue Reading →


I popped my pirate wench costume cherry last night at a local bdsm event ball. All of this: Transformed me into this: It was fun 🙂 Unfortunately I can't lay claim to making any of this particular costume. The skirt I purchased a while back and have been waiting for the perfect time to wear... Continue Reading →

I’m not dead…

In case you were wondering...just a bit too busy and distracted to be writing. This being social stuff is hard. How do you people do it all the time? This past week I've steampunked, had an afternoon with skyrockets in flight, afternoon delights (and the Lego movie) had my modern board game cherry popped, had dinner with an... Continue Reading →

There’s something disturbing

...about nibbling on a chocolate penis. I've eaten the balls and shaft and only the white marshmallow-filled head is left. I feel a bit weird, if truth be told, munching on the head of a penis, but munching I am as I write this in bed. I've had a weird week. It started with me trying... Continue Reading →

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