I’m not dead…

In case you were wondering…just a bit too busy and distracted to be writing.

This being social stuff is hard. How do you people do it all the time?

This past week I’ve steampunked, had an afternoon with skyrockets in flight, afternoon delights (and the Lego movie) had my modern board game cherry popped, had dinner with an ex-ballet dancer, had dinner with a mansion owner and on Friday I will be a pirate wench.

Interesting times.

The ex-ballet dancer was particularly fascinating. He’s a subbie boy with transgender awakenings and we shared our stories about ‘coming out’ as kinky to the ones we love and the soul-crushing rejection that ensued. It was disturbing how similar we were in our thoughts and experiences and there was that whole hilarity of two submissive people spending time together and trying to make a decision but each of them saying, “What do you want to do?” We couldn’t even get our timing to say goodbye right and hung around on the street corner for ages still chatting, finally parting ways when we made a promise to go on the next traffic light change.


The last two chapters of Desiderata is getting there – maybe 50%? at the moment. I’ll post when I’m happy with it so apologies if you’ve been chomping at the bit for the next instalment. I’ve had to make some decisions about it as well and if you’d read that last paragraph, you’d know what a bad situation that is for everyone involved.




4 thoughts on “I’m not dead…

Add yours

    1. Yarr…ye have pirate wench pics! Steampunk pics are…umm…I think I’m going to have to have another dress up day…lol.

  1. Good to know your still breathing, Don’t be such a ghost in the future. Even a rambling post is better than no post.


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