All the rope!

I have something to say: Inversion suspension=epic awesomeness. I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at a rope workshop held by the lovely instructors from the Sydney Rope Dojo, Hebari and Avalon (and their fantastically flexible partners). Over two days I spent many hours in various versions of takate kote (TK), hip harnesses, arm ties... Continue Reading →


A taste and a whiff

Kasandra held the man's gaze for a few seconds and nodded meekly. He snorted a little and then indicated to Samson that they were leaving. Samson turned and left the room followed by the other man and when they were both through the door and had their backs to her, she seized the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

In other news…

I found a place for us to live and am signing the lease today! Squee! I'm hoping it doesn't suck and that there aren't weird neighbours or sounds (me and sound have such a difficult relationship) or anything else that will make my left eye start to twitch. I angsted so much about finding an apartment... Continue Reading →

I did it before and I’m doing it again

"Don't touch me." Kasandra pulled her hand quickly away from Thaylin's face at his whispered words. She had reached out to offer him some form of comfort, by touching his face and smoothing the hair at his temple. As her fingertips brushed his skin she felt the salty grime of suffering that stained his face; a mixture of... Continue Reading →

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