A taste and a whiff

Kasandra held the man’s gaze for a few seconds and nodded meekly. He snorted a little and then indicated to Samson that they were leaving. Samson turned and left the room followed by the other man and when they were both through the door and had their backs to her, she seized the opportunity to dart quickly between them. Samson reached out to grab her arm as she pushed past, but he managed to grasp nothing but thin air. He was about to make chase when the other man spoke.

“No need to do that. Just watch.”

He pointed the remote control he held in her direction and smiled as a scream of pain caught in her throat and was quickly cut off into a meaningless gurgle as she fell to the ground, her knees buckling underneath her. Her body twitched as the current coursed through her then she lay motionless for several seconds before a small dark stain began to appear on the compacted earthen floor beneath her.

The man walked the couple of steps over to her inert figure laying face down on the ground and crouched down beside her.

“Aww…little girl’s peed her pants. Come have a look!”

Samson approached and both men stood over her laughing at her predicament.

Kasandra was mortified and tried to use her elbow to levy herself off the floor. She exhaled in frustration as her muscles wouldn’t properly respond and the loose dust from the floor swirled around her face, making her want to cough.

The man put one knee down on the ground next to her and pulled her skirt up then started pulling her underwear down.


Kasandra’s mouth was dry and felt like it was full of sand. She struggled to form the words but wasn’t sure if what she was saying made sense. She tried to move away from the man but her body wasn’t listening.

“I don’t think you should do that,” Samson said suddenly with concern in his voice.

“Do what?” the man sneered. “Have some fun?”

“The Mistress said to just bring her down here.”

She felt the man fumble with her underwear as he tried to tug it over her shoes. “For fuck’s sake!” He spat with frustration and pulled her shoes off then threw them across the corridor, one of them hitting the door opposite with a ringing clang, before finally getting her underwear off her ankles. He discarded her white underwear on the ground beside her and ran a hand across her exposed flesh.

“That is some glorious ass!” he breathed, straddling her and lowering his groin against her bottom. She felt his hard manhood jab into her soft bottom through the material of his khaki pants.

“Get off me!” Kasandra objected frantically, her words slurred and unclear.

“Let her be,” Samson said moving forward and putting a hand to the man’s arm. “You don’t want to anger the Mistress.”

The man seemed to pause while he considered Samson’s words, running a tongue along his teeth as he pondered the implications of the large man’s warning.

Kasandra held her breath, hoping and praying to any god that still may be listening that he would leave her be.

Finally, with an audible sigh of exasperation, he moved off her then stood up and levered his foot under her side and grabbed her arm in order to roll her over onto her back. After he had flipped her over, he knelt down and picked up her underwear, wadded it up and began rubbing it across her face. She smelled her urine and felt the grit from the floor drag across her cheek.

He leaned down close to her ear and whispered, “I’m sure we can spend some time together later on, princess, when we don’t have such an audience.” A vile smile spread across his face as he put his hand on his thigh and pushed himself up.

“Put her back where she belongs,” he instructed the large man. Samson grabbed her ankle and began dragging her along the floor towards the room. Her skirt bunched up more as he pulled her along and dirt began sticking to the trail of fluid that had escaped between her legs when she had lost control of her bladder. He pulled her inside the doorway and dumped her in the middle of the small space then turned and left the cell, slamming the door shut behind him.


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