All the rope!

I have something to say:

Inversion suspension=epic awesomeness.

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend at a rope workshop held by the lovely instructors from the Sydney Rope Dojo, Hebari and Avalon (and their fantastically flexible partners).

Over two days I spent many hours in various versions of takate kote (TK), hip harnesses, arm ties and I also learned about the ‘power finger’ – did you know if you stick your finger into the top of someone’s armpit while they’re in a TK that you can pretty much push them to the floor or wherever you want with very little effort? We called it the POWER FINGER effect.

I had to summarily add POWER FINGERING to my list of fetlife fetishes.

The weekend culminated in an inversion suspension where I was in a TK, hanging upside down and had my legs in various positions while I was spun around and had my hair yanked.

I almost felt like I was in Cirque De Soleil. All those planks and sit ups I do at the gym were finally good for something! Lol.

In reality the blood was running to my head and the ropes were fairly constrictive in a good sense (hanging completely vertical was much more comfortable than hanging horizontally face-up) but it was so delish. That feeling of being able to totally let go while being totally restrained makes me giddy and thinking about it now actually makes me a tear up a bit.

That’s weird, right?

I attended the workshop with a friend who has some rope experience. It was good for him to learn a few things and practise others. We had a few talks over the two days about ‘slavery’ and who I am and what I do and I think it was a bit eye-opening for him. Once again I’m always taken back by people in the scene who don’t either ‘get’ slavery or find it such an alien concept that they have to adjust their thinking. He wasn’t at the skill level of being able to do the actual suspension himself although he did the TK and the hip harness groundwork, so I had the pleasure of Avalon rigging me up.

It’s such a different feel, the flow, the fluidity, the control when you’ve got someone who knows the rigging like the back of their hand and can simply enjoy the ‘conversation’ of the rope with the bottom. I know it takes years to get there but…wow…

*wipes drool from mouth*

There are photos and I will post some as soon as I get them.

Master realises that rope is my thing and so I am grateful that he has let me go and have some wonderful experiences. Every time I get my rope itch scratched, it just makes me want more…more….more!

All the rope!

(PS I’m heading off to Japan at the end of this week for work. Things have been a bit crazy with the move and getting ready for Japan so posting here has been taking a back seat. Master and I are well and are settling in to 24/7 again. There have been the usual hiccups and raised voices but it’s good. The friend I went to the rope workshop with described me as now seeming like I’m ‘whole’. He’d seen me about a month before and didn’t know what had changed. It made me smile.)



2 thoughts on “All the rope!

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  1. No, not weird. At least, not in my book. Which, admittedly, does read from right to left.

    All the best to you and Mark. I hope your last few months prove to have been constructive towards getting a balance and fit that works for both of you.

    1. My book seems to be reading upside and back to front these days!
      Rope is a bit like a drug for me at the moment…just can’t get enough.

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