I’m taking a slight pause in the reporting of Japan epicness to talk about me (because, you know, I haven’t talked about myself enough during the ten years I’ve been blogging…lol.)

It’s been a bit over a month since M and I resumed our relationship after the Great Slave Tantrum of 2014. I have a new collar that I’m required to wear whenever I’m not at work or the gym and wristcuffs that I have to wear on the weekends (you can see the cuffs in the top pic.) They’re big and chunky and get in the way whenever I’m doing anything and they let him know my whereabouts because of the jingle-jangling. Part of his interrogation fun is to ask me why I have to wear them to which the correct answer is, “To piss me off”. But I guess that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

He is slowly, but surely restocking the toy and boot collections – I have two pairs of ridiculous, thigh-high boots to wear to his bed and he informed me that some anal beads had been purchased and are on their way (!!!).

On Saturday we went to a play party that was also a farewell party for some friends and I had a thorough beating courtesy of just about everyone that attended. M auctioned off my botty to whomever wanted to beat/spank/crop it and I woke up on Sunday morning with the bed sheet stuck to my botty with blood. I don’t think I’ve experienced that before so that was interesting. The other interesting experience was being beaten on the inside of my thighs – and by interesting, I mean it hurt like a MF. And just because I know you all want an eye-full of my ass, here you go:


I did my usual stand there and be silent and stock-still thing. After so many years of doing that, I don’t think I could have a big reaction even if I wanted to. I do think it worries people that I’m so non-reactive. I have to keep telling people that just because I don’t make a noise, doesn’t mean that it isn’t hurting sufficiently. There was much deep breathing and gritting of teeth to get me through. Afterwards I started feeling a bit of nausea like I usually do when I’ve had a thorough beating and I’m guessing that is a little bit of shock and/or reaction to the pain.

Apparently I’m going to be hypnotised tomorrow in an effort to stop me being so anxious about everything (there was also talk of being hypnotised to always call M, “Master” and to feel more confident about dressing in ‘slut wear’ but I’m not sure whether these specific things can be done or not). And actually I already have a trigger word for relaxing…it’s called chocolate.

Someone that M met on Fet is coming over to do said hypnotism so I shall report on the results anon, but I have a feeling it’s going to play out something like this:

Hypno-dude: Your eyes are getting heavier…

Hypno-dude: Now repeat after me…

Hypno-dude: “I will chill the fuck out.”

Me: Just give me some chocolate and nobody will get hurt.

Just in case I didn’t have enough Les Mills in my life, I started going to Body Balance last week in an effort to chillax and become more flexible. I’m hoping to make it a regular thing that I attend as my flexibility is woeful and not becoming to an aspiring rope bunny. I even bought a yoga mat, that’s how dedicated I am. I have two rope engagements booked for October and I can’t wait!

I’ve been quietly chugging away on the final part of my story over the past couple of months. I’m about 25% done and there are 15 chapters in total so I may post a chapter shortly, if I can make a decision on the order of the chapters, that is. I keep forgetting how hard writing is, particularly when there are so many ends that need to be woven together cohesively. I need a sabbatical from work just so I can concentrate on it for a few weeks and get the damn thing finished! Unfortunately, it’s starting to come into the busiest time of the year for me work-wise and all the fall tv shows are starting!! Arrow, The Blacklist, The Flash etc. I decided to watch House of Cards on the plane to Japan so I’ve just finished Season 1 and M and I have just started watching Season 2 together. That show has some damn-fine writing (and acting).I’ll have to see how I can juggle my time between the heavy demands of new tv and writing.


Epic x 2

The eclectic Japan photo blog continues (Warning: there is more food.)

I stayed in a business-type hotel in Namba called the Dormy Inn Premium that also had a hot spring in it with two baths & a mist sauna. That is not so unusual, but what was really cool was that I could turn my tv to the information channel and get a live indication of how crowded the bath was (which was good because I needed to choose times that it was empty because of my tattoo and all…but I did actually end up sharing the bath on a few occasions so I stuck some tape over it and hugged the walls!)


The information channel also gave me a live view of the coin-operated washing machines and dryers so I could check which ones were being used and which were available.


Being the frugal soul I am, I had booked my room on a special plan that meant I got a cheaper room rate because the room wouldn’t be cleaned during my three-night stay. As a result they put three-days worth of amenities and towels and so on in the room to begin with. This meant that I had four pairs of slippers waiting for me:


The texture of the slippers was thoroughly enjoyed – thank you very much.

And I also enjoyed some snacks in my room:

Chocolate-chip melon bread sticks (about $1)
Dried cow’s tongue (great with alcohol!)
Mister Donut’s donuts – French crueller, soya bean mochi, chocolate-dipped old fashioned
Kobe cheesecake – it came in its own wooden box and everything 🙂
Creme caramel pudding topped with chestnut mousse and cream

And in case you had ever wondered…yes, there is whale. Particularly in Osaka, where its much more prevalent than in Tokyo. I even found it on the sushi train menu! And yes, I have eaten it, along with dolphin, reindeer, wild boar, crocodile, camel, water buffalo, snake, kangaroo and just about anything else I can put into my mouth (except bugs…I don’t really do bugs if I can help it…although I have eaten crickets.)

It was $2.50 for two pieces

Did I mention there was a lot of wagyuu?

I’m not really a big fan of meat and about the only time I ever have real quantities of it is when I’m in Japan with my very carnivorous boss. We ate 4.4 pounds of wagyuu between the four of us….I’m still recovering from the meat overload.

Cutest menu I’ve ever seen – at Pound in Kagoshima.

I caught a bus to Kansai airport when I was flying out and had some very amusing Engrish to keep me entertained for the 48 minute journey:

I put a load here in the many visitors


Translation: When there are many passengers, these seats will be used for storing luggage.

Will there be a part three? Stay tuned.


Japan was, in a word, epic.

It always is.

And while going there for work takes a fair bit of the shine off it, I always feel much happier having had the chance to go and get my Japan-fix (a.k.a eat myself into oblivion and stock up on supplies.)

During the nine days I was there for work, it was an amazing race that had me criss-crossing the country with 16-hour days and way too much wagyuu. In fact (just for fun and because I’m anal like that), I tallied up my travels and got this list:

  • 6 planes
  • 10 bullet trains
  • 3 subways
  • 1 bus
  • 2 ferries
  • 6 taxis
  • 1 express train
  • 5 cars
  • 8 hotels

That is a fuck-load of travel in anyone’s books.

After the work part of things I had 3 days to shop myself silly and I certainly managed to do that by purchasing 8 board games, 3 pairs of shoes, a seemingly endless amount of make-up, three antique kimonos, 2 obi & assorted accessories for shibari photography purposes, a handbag and loads of the normal stuff I buy like 100 yen shop goodies, rice and duty-free alcohol. I also bought a suitcase this time to put my 27kgs of shopping into.

And then there was the eating….

Okonomiyaki in Osaka
Scallops that were bigger than my head
Sushi goodness in Kobe
Cheesecake icecream! Squee!
A cheesecake parfait – yes, that is an actual cheesecake on top of my parfait.
P1080527 - Version 2
A warmed cinnamon danish topped with red beans, green tea and ice cream at St Marc’s Café. SO GOOD.
A perfect peach. Also SO GOOD.
Adorable little canele in 6 flavours: green tea, rum and raison, cocoa, plain, fig and walnut from Daniel’s in Osaka. TO DIE FOR.
My final cheesecake hit at Starbucks in Singapore. Is 5am too early for cheesecake? I think not!

I stayed in Osaka for my free time just for something new to do. I stayed slap bang in the shopping centre of Osaka, near Namba and honestly, I was overwhelmed with choice.


Shinsaibashisuji is a shopping street that just goes for miles. I took this photo at about 7pm on a Wednesday night. This is just one of the many shopping streets that intersect around Namba.

Just compare it to Perth CBD at 7pm:


It wasn’t my first visit to Namba. M and I stayed there during our trip to Japan in 2010. I think in the last four years it has become even more epic….and the number of Chinese tourists has increased by a factor of about a million. I wondered where I was sometimes when bus-load after bus-load of Chinese tourists swarmed around me.

Anyway I’ve got some more piccies to post and I’ll do that in my next blog. Ja mata ne!

As promised

Some piccies from my weekend entertainments:

TKsmallOne of the TK’s from the back






Gone! (This was the ouchie position by the way)

Then they started having fun…



See we can put her leg up here and spin her around…


Ah..sweet, sweet memories.


I really have a thing for rope now…