I'm taking a slight pause in the reporting of Japan epicness to talk about me (because, you know, I haven't talked about myself enough during the ten years I've been It's been a bit over a month since M and I resumed our relationship after the Great Slave Tantrum of 2014. I have a... Continue Reading →


Epic x 2

The eclectic Japan photo blog continues (Warning: there is more food.) I stayed in a business-type hotel in Namba called the Dormy Inn Premium that also had a hot spring in it with two baths & a mist sauna. That is not so unusual, but what was really cool was that I could turn my tv to... Continue Reading →


Japan was, in a word, epic. It always is. And while going there for work takes a fair bit of the shine off it, I always feel much happier having had the chance to go and get my Japan-fix (a.k.a eat myself into oblivion and stock up on supplies.) During the nine days I was there... Continue Reading →

As promised

Some piccies from my weekend entertainments: One of the TK's from the back Going... Going... Gone! (This was the ouchie position by the way) Then they started having fun...   See we can put her leg up here and spin her around... Ah..sweet, sweet memories. I really have a thing for rope now...

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