Japan was, in a word, epic.

It always is.

And while going there for work takes a fair bit of the shine off it, I always feel much happier having had the chance to go and get my Japan-fix (a.k.a eat myself into oblivion and stock up on supplies.)

During the nine days I was there for work, it was an amazing race that had me criss-crossing the country with 16-hour days and way too much wagyuu. In fact (just for fun and because I’m anal like that), I tallied up my travels and got this list:

  • 6 planes
  • 10 bullet trains
  • 3 subways
  • 1 bus
  • 2 ferries
  • 6 taxis
  • 1 express train
  • 5 cars
  • 8 hotels

That is a fuck-load of travel in anyone’s books.

After the work part of things I had 3 days to shop myself silly and I certainly managed to do that by purchasing 8 board games, 3 pairs of shoes, a seemingly endless amount of make-up, three antique kimonos, 2 obi & assorted accessories for shibari photography purposes, a handbag and loads of the normal stuff I buy like 100 yen shop goodies, rice and duty-free alcohol. I also bought a suitcase this time to put my 27kgs of shopping into.

And then there was the eating….

Okonomiyaki in Osaka
Scallops that were bigger than my head
Sushi goodness in Kobe
Cheesecake icecream! Squee!
A cheesecake parfait – yes, that is an actual cheesecake on top of my parfait.
P1080527 - Version 2
A warmed cinnamon danish topped with red beans, green tea and ice cream at St Marc’s Café. SO GOOD.
A perfect peach. Also SO GOOD.
Adorable little canele in 6 flavours: green tea, rum and raison, cocoa, plain, fig and walnut from Daniel’s in Osaka. TO DIE FOR.
My final cheesecake hit at Starbucks in Singapore. Is 5am too early for cheesecake? I think not!

I stayed in Osaka for my free time just for something new to do. I stayed slap bang in the shopping centre of Osaka, near Namba and honestly, I was overwhelmed with choice.


Shinsaibashisuji is a shopping street that just goes for miles. I took this photo at about 7pm on a Wednesday night. This is just one of the many shopping streets that intersect around Namba.

Just compare it to Perth CBD at 7pm:


It wasn’t my first visit to Namba. M and I stayed there during our trip to Japan in 2010. I think in the last four years it has become even more epic….and the number of Chinese tourists has increased by a factor of about a million. I wondered where I was sometimes when bus-load after bus-load of Chinese tourists swarmed around me.

Anyway I’ve got some more piccies to post and I’ll do that in my next blog. Ja mata ne!


4 thoughts on “Epic

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  1. I was waiting impatiently (lol) for your blog on Japan, the food looks amazing! But OMG all that travel and long hours!! I would have spent those 3 days of personal time, sleeping… LOL
    I’m looking forward to more blogs about Japan.. 🙂

    1. Yeah…those crazy work amazing race-style schedules nearly kill me and I really felt like sleeping and just chillaxing at the end of it, but at the same time I knew I needed to stock up and fit as much into the small amount of free time I had as possible so I did 🙂 So much food to eat and so little time!

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