Epic x 2

The eclectic Japan photo blog continues (Warning: there is more food.)

I stayed in a business-type hotel in Namba called the Dormy Inn Premium that also had a hot spring in it with two baths & a mist sauna. That is not so unusual, but what was really cool was that I could turn my tv to the information channel and get a live indication of how crowded the bath was (which was good because I needed to choose times that it was empty because of my tattoo and all…but I did actually end up sharing the bath on a few occasions so I stuck some tape over it and hugged the walls!)


The information channel also gave me a live view of the coin-operated washing machines and dryers so I could check which ones were being used and which were available.


Being the frugal soul I am, I had booked my room on a special plan that meant I got a cheaper room rate because the room wouldn’t be cleaned during my three-night stay. As a result they put three-days worth of amenities and towels and so on in the room to begin with. This meant that I had four pairs of slippers waiting for me:


The texture of the slippers was thoroughly enjoyed – thank you very much.

And I also enjoyed some snacks in my room:

Chocolate-chip melon bread sticks (about $1)
Dried cow’s tongue (great with alcohol!)
Mister Donut’s donuts – French crueller, soya bean mochi, chocolate-dipped old fashioned
Kobe cheesecake – it came in its own wooden box and everything 🙂
Creme caramel pudding topped with chestnut mousse and cream

And in case you had ever wondered…yes, there is whale. Particularly in Osaka, where its much more prevalent than in Tokyo. I even found it on the sushi train menu! And yes, I have eaten it, along with dolphin, reindeer, wild boar, crocodile, camel, water buffalo, snake, kangaroo and just about anything else I can put into my mouth (except bugs…I don’t really do bugs if I can help it…although I have eaten crickets.)

It was $2.50 for two pieces

Did I mention there was a lot of wagyuu?

I’m not really a big fan of meat and about the only time I ever have real quantities of it is when I’m in Japan with my very carnivorous boss. We ate 4.4 pounds of wagyuu between the four of us….I’m still recovering from the meat overload.

Cutest menu I’ve ever seen – at Pound in Kagoshima.

I caught a bus to Kansai airport when I was flying out and had some very amusing Engrish to keep me entertained for the 48 minute journey:

I put a load here in the many visitors


Translation: When there are many passengers, these seats will be used for storing luggage.

Will there be a part three? Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Epic x 2

Add yours

  1. EEKKK!! You’ve eaten Dolphin?? What did that taste like? I just can’t imagine Flipper on a menu. LOL
    Have you eaten horse or dog?
    Those delights (other than the tongue *spitty face*) look rather yummy. I’d be huge as a house with all the sweets they have, oh yeah and the beef!

    Ok stupid question time.
    Do they wash the slippers and reuse them?

    1. Dolphin…hmm…it tasted like oily fish. I’ve had raw horse and horse in a hot pot. Dog…no. I’d probably try it if it was on the menu though.

      Yes, they dry-clean the slippers and re-use them (they’re a bit more robust than the flimsy throw-away slippers you usually get.)

  2. Dry cleaned or not, I couldn’t wear slippers someone else had worn. I’d have to bring my own. LOL
    I can’t imagine eating a horse or dog, only because I have them as pets. Not sure I could eat Flipper either. Then again, my taste buds are so bland. O_o

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