I’m taking a slight pause in the reporting of Japan epicness to talk about me (because, you know, I haven’t talked about myself enough during the ten years I’ve been blogging…lol.)

It’s been a bit over a month since M and I resumed our relationship after the Great Slave Tantrum of 2014. I have a new collar that I’m required to wear whenever I’m not at work or the gym and wristcuffs that I have to wear on the weekends (you can see the cuffs in the top pic.) They’re big and chunky and get in the way whenever I’m doing anything and they let him know my whereabouts because of the jingle-jangling. Part of his interrogation fun is to ask me why I have to wear them to which the correct answer is, “To piss me off”. But I guess that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

He is slowly, but surely restocking the toy and boot collections – I have two pairs of ridiculous, thigh-high boots to wear to his bed and he informed me that some anal beads had been purchased and are on their way (!!!).

On Saturday we went to a play party that was also a farewell party for some friends and I had a thorough beating courtesy of just about everyone that attended. M auctioned off my botty to whomever wanted to beat/spank/crop it and I woke up on Sunday morning with the bed sheet stuck to my botty with blood. I don’t think I’ve experienced that before so that was interesting. The other interesting experience was being beaten on the inside of my thighs – and by interesting, I mean it hurt like a MF. And just because I know you all want an eye-full of my ass, here you go:


I did my usual stand there and be silent and stock-still thing. After so many years of doing that, I don’t think I could have a big reaction even if I wanted to. I do think it worries people that I’m so non-reactive. I have to keep telling people that just because I don’t make a noise, doesn’t mean that it isn’t hurting sufficiently. There was much deep breathing and gritting of teeth to get me through. Afterwards I started feeling a bit of nausea like I usually do when I’ve had a thorough beating and I’m guessing that is a little bit of shock and/or reaction to the pain.

Apparently I’m going to be hypnotised tomorrow in an effort to stop me being so anxious about everything (there was also talk of being hypnotised to always call M, “Master” and to feel more confident about dressing in ‘slut wear’ but I’m not sure whether these specific things can be done or not). And actually I already have a trigger word for relaxing…it’s called chocolate.

Someone that M met on Fet is coming over to do said hypnotism so I shall report on the results anon, but I have a feeling it’s going to play out something like this:

Hypno-dude: Your eyes are getting heavier…

Hypno-dude: Now repeat after me…

Hypno-dude: “I will chill the fuck out.”

Me: Just give me some chocolate and nobody will get hurt.

Just in case I didn’t have enough Les Mills in my life, I started going to Body Balance last week in an effort to chillax and become more flexible. I’m hoping to make it a regular thing that I attend as my flexibility is woeful and not becoming to an aspiring rope bunny. I even bought a yoga mat, that’s how dedicated I am. I have two rope engagements booked for October and I can’t wait!

I’ve been quietly chugging away on the final part of my story over the past couple of months. I’m about 25% done and there are 15 chapters in total so I may post a chapter shortly, if I can make a decision on the order of the chapters, that is. I keep forgetting how hard writing is, particularly when there are so many ends that need to be woven together cohesively. I need a sabbatical from work just so I can concentrate on it for a few weeks and get the damn thing finished! Unfortunately, it’s starting to come into the busiest time of the year for me work-wise and all the fall tv shows are starting!! Arrow, The Blacklist, The Flash etc. I decided to watch House of Cards on the plane to Japan so I’ve just finished Season 1 and M and I have just started watching Season 2 together. That show has some damn-fine writing (and acting).I’ll have to see how I can juggle my time between the heavy demands of new tv and writing.



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    1. Yeah…it was pretty awesome after I realised what was going on:
      “Hang on…why is my sheet stuck to my…ohhhhh!!”

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