Getting my vampire on

Last night I attended my first ever aerial/anti-gravity yoga class. It was awesome. And also scary (so much so that I wanted to pee on several occasions and I looked at the instructor and laughed a little in disbelief when he was explaining/showing us what we were about to do a.k.a "We're going to what?!?!"). But... Continue Reading →



Do you know what happens when you bring your own highly-talented rigger to a rope party and they go wild? Ropegasm... That's what happens. Oh my... There were side suspensions... There were one-legged, futomomo suspensions (which incidentally hurt like a mother-fucker, but in a really, really good semenawa way): Then there was prepping for a... Continue Reading →


You know that feeling when you want something and you don't know what? When everything you normally do just isn't quite enough? Yep, that one. I haz me some of that. I woke up at the ass-crack of dawn this morning and as I drank my morning cappuccino and trawled through buzzfeed, fetlife and facebook, I couldn't... Continue Reading →

A few thoughts

Relationships make me fat and lazy. They also amp up my procrastination levels to max. But maybe those are good things?!? Maybe it means I'm feeling more relaxed. It's kind of like what the Japanese chick always says at work: "I'm married now so I don't have to worry about what I look like!" (*maniacal Japanese... Continue Reading →

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