Do you know what happens when you bring your own highly-talented rigger to a rope party and they go wild?


That’s what happens.

Oh my…


There were side suspensions…

There were one-legged, futomomo suspensions (which incidentally hurt like a mother-fucker, but in a really, really good semenawa way):

Then there was prepping for a face-up suspension:
Which turned into an inversion:
And then I was swung across the area like a ball on a string…
And this time nobody had to see my hoohah (for which there were shouts of joy) and most of the time my face looked like this:
I even managed to suspend myself at one point during the night (with some careful supervision by my lovely rigger, of course)
And I was completely neurotic about letting the ankle rope go so I was just held by the front harness but I did and all was good:
It was awesome on so many levels and I’m still buzzy and smiley today.

I was even complimented on my ability to withstand the futomomo, which, considering your entire body weight is being supported by your leg, is very ouchie and a lot of people can’t cope with, but I still experience more pain on a typical leg day at the gym so it was no biggie. As an aspiring rope bunny though, those sort of compliments just make me squee!

The evening certainly scratched my need-want for rope and I have an even greater respect for my rigger who used the rope with such finesse and fluidity that it was just another extension of her body.rope17


8 thoughts on “Ropegasm

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  1. Awesome photos! You look blissed out.. 🙂
    The futomomo would have done me in. My hat is off to you.
    Glad you had your itch scratched. 😀

    1. Thanks! This collar is actually more uncomfortable than the old one I used to have…but I believe that is the point! An ergonomically-shaped one that curves around the neck is much nicer

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