Getting my vampire on

Last night I attended my first ever aerial/anti-gravity yoga class.

It was awesome.

And also scary (so much so that I wanted to pee on several occasions and I looked at the instructor and laughed a little in disbelief when he was explaining/showing us what we were about to do a.k.a “We’re going to what?!?!”).

But by the end of the hour I had my vampire groove on:

(Have a look at this link on youtube if you want to see how it’s done.)

I spent a lot of the hour upside-down in this inversion:


And every so often we would open our legs out and do this:


Obviously I didn’t look nearly as graceful as this and most of the time I was slightly freaking out about the fact that the only thing holding me up was a piece of material, but I still impressed myself. I think my rope experiences were a huge help. Most of the first-time attendees struggled with the inversions but I was flipping with the more experienced folk and although the silk pinches into your body and is ouchie, it’s not nearly as ouchie as a futomono.

The silk is more like a hammock and apparently it has a load rating of about 2000kg but the thought that I could fall out of it pretty easily and land on my head flashed through my head numerous times.

The day after I had pretty sore abs. It’s an exceptional core workout and I think it will help with my flexibility if I go regularly.

In some ways the experience was akin to experiencing shibari, but because I couldn’t ‘let go’ it wasn’t as relaxing. I’m thinking if I do a few more classes and get more comfortable with it, I might be able to enjoy ‘flying’. Could this be a way I could get flying on tap??


2 thoughts on “Getting my vampire on

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    1. It was SOOOO good. I never knew it was a ‘thing’ but apparently I totally missed the anti-gravity yoga boom (it’s been around for a while…) There should definitely be classes in Brissy. I paid $28 and looking around they seem to be somewhere in the $25-$30 a class range (cheaper if you buy multipasses/become a member etc.)
      You should totally try it! 🙂

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