Finishing up

...No Excuses November, that is (you thought I was going to say my blog, didn't you? Hehehe...yeah,'re still stuck with me.) I missed 4 days of exercise in total. 2 were due to work and the others were just days where I That's not really in keeping with NEN, but yeah...I fail too. So that... Continue Reading →


A few things

1. I shouldn't make life-changing comments/decisions when I have my period 2. Cheesecake, even if it's a generic frozen cheesecake that cost $3, still hits the spot 3. Gym attendance for 20 days straight wrecks your body 4. I need to be nicer to M. I'm terribly bitchy at times without even trying. So, I broke... Continue Reading →

Mature conversations

I wrote a comment on a post about communication in M/s relationships on fetlife last night and it pissed M off. He said he is 'pissed off', but I think that is actually M-speak for, 'You hurt me.' Specifically there was one thought in what I wrote that he said pissed him off the most:... Continue Reading →


Well, I'm about halfway through my self-imposed 30 days of everyday exercise challenge and haven't missed a day yet. This week's menu was: Sunday - Body Combat Monday- Body Combat Tuesday - Flygym aerials Wednesday-Flygym fusion Thursday-Piloxing Friday- Step And tomorrow I've got aerial yoga with the silks. I feel like a bit of a gym whore... Continue Reading →


The human body is a very interesting thing. You can punish it in certain ways and it will take quite a beating and bounce back very quickly but if you do other things, even very slight things, you can do irreparable damage, very quickly. A week after my most recent beating, there is very little left... Continue Reading →


There aren't many parts of me that aren't hurting at the moment. Between aerial yoga, gym and this: I'm feeling quiet ouchie. But, you know, I like it like that...*grins* We went to a play party last night and my beating window was graciously open in a timely fashion. So once the bench became free... Continue Reading →

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