There aren’t many parts of me that aren’t hurting at the moment. Between aerial yoga, gym and this:


I’m feeling quiet ouchie.

But, you know, I like it like that…*grins*

We went to a play party last night and my beating window was graciously open in a timely fashion. So once the bench became free (my arms were about to drop off after the morning’s aerial yoga class so it was a ‘No, thank you’ to the St. Andrew’s cross,) M selected some implements and over the next 46mins (according to the time stamps on the photos! Lol…) worked me over well.


The flogger with the bits of ‘barbed leather’ was particularly challenging and even elicited some quiet swearing from me. The rubber paddle that I lovingly nicknamed, “The Hunka Hunka Burning Love Tyre” also hurt like a mother-fucker.


And while my ass was on fire, I looked out the window to the lawn outside to see something else on fire:


A gentleman was cracking two whips simultaneously while they were on fire. Holy coordination batman!

Then I woke up this morning and after doing a photo shoot of my butt in the living room (as you do after having a thorough beating the night before…) I decided that I would go to body combat class.

Every single knee-lift and jack, every kick and every jump I did in that hour just plain hurt.

And aerial yoga on Saturday morning? Holy crap, did I think I was going to die! We had a different instructor who does classes that are more ‘strength-orientated’. There were several points during that hour where I wanted to cry, but at the end we did a bat pose:


Which was very cool.

But before that, we did this:


(which freaked me out because I felt like I was going to fall)



(which hurt like a mother-fucker)

And this:


(another one that made me feel like I was going to fall)

As well as fifty million one-legged squats while standing up in the hammock with the other leg extended, pull-ups, leg lifts and some inversions (which were the easiest part of the class!)

Then at the end of the class while I’m standing there with my shoulders burning and my abs on fire, the instructor casually mentions that the beginner class, which I’m currently doing, is about five times easier than the regular class and that if you can do an inversion yourself without help (which I can- squee!) then you should move to the regular class.

And I was like, “Yeah…that ain’t happening any time soon.”

I’ve made a commitment for November a.k.a. No Excuses November, to exercise for at least 30mins a day, every day for the month. I’ll be going to gym and yoga and on the days where I just need a break from that, I’ll probably go for a walk or something to fill my 30min quota.

I was originally going to do No Junkfood November but somehow that just didn’t have the same ring to it (and I seriously doubted my will-power). If anyone wants to join my challenge drop me a comment and I’ll go all Inspirational Life Coach on your ass.

Just kidding.

No, really, I will.


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  1. Oooh me! Me! I am in for No excuses November! Guess I’ll be joining that boxing class after all. 🙂 I so need someone to be all life coach on my ass!
    ps- The story is awesome as ever still, I am so rooting for Thaylin.

    1. Yay! I have a friend and I’m not a reject for No Excuses November! What sort of boxing class is it? I always love hitting stuff 🙂

      So you’re rooting for Thaylin? Interesting…( and thank you so much for the comment…I was beginning to wonder if I’d missed the mark or something!)

      1. I am, him and Kassie both, but I am a huge softie romantic sort and once I fall in love with two characters I always want things to work out well. Your writing has never missed the mark, no worries!
        As for the boxing class, it’s an all women’s one at my local gym. The basics really, speed bag work, jump rope, foot work etc. I love walking but get bored and I hate the treadmill. Been thinking about doing yoga as well. I figured the boxing could help with hand-eye coordination too, which is always a plus for me. I find your aerial yoga beautiful and it looks so cool. I also love your rope-bunny-ness! Always wanted to give that sort of thing a go myself, but you are far braver than I and in much, much better shape. So I will live vicariously through you in that regard. 🙂

        1. The boxing class sounds good! I hate walking and treadmills…and machines…and pretty much everything that I don’t have to use my brain for in terms of exercise.

          The aerial yoga gym I go to is run by three guys who are ex-circus/acrobat types and it definitely ticks my boxes for being a challenge and helping with my flexibility (which is really and truly woeful). I’ve also got a fear of heights so it addresses that as well. Win-win-win! If I hadn’t have stumbled upon the aerial version, I was going to sign up for a normal yoga class so you should go for the yoga class as well (it would make a nice counter-point to the cardio boxing.)

          I think there are a lot of people who want to experience rope but are a bit daunted by the whole thing. It looks much scarier than it is and as long as your rigger knows what they are doing, it can be a very relaxing, albeit a slightly ouchie experience (but it’s a nice ouchie and not like impact play ouchie). I’ve seen people of all ages and body shapes in rope so really, if you want to give it a go, just do it!

          No Excuses November ftw!

          (Was that inspirational-life-coachie enough for you, or do I need to ramp things up a notch or two and break out my pom poms? 🙂 )

          1. Well poms poms add a certain debonair flair to just about anything I think. 🙂 Looks like my gym has beginning yoga on Monday’s so next Monday might look into that. This Wednesday is my first boxing class! I am excited and feeling a little trepidation, I guess as anyone does doing something new.
            So, oh life coachie one, how best to motivate you too? Junk food is a weakness for me too, I get sugar cravings like crazy at times. Luckily here in the States our chocolate sucks so to get good chocolate have to save up, that helps at least. Sometimes do a dessert tea too that has a natural sweetness to it, but no extra added sugar. I could eat fruit as the day is long. Do you do goals for yourself if you learn a new pose or a new weight goal, or flexibility previously unattainable, some sort of reward system? I am very much a reward and punishment sort of person myself.

            1. Yes, pom poms add a certain je ne sais quoi to everything 🙂

              Yay for signing up for boxing and yay for edging closer to yoga! Well done.

              So far this month beginning on the 1st November, I’ve done:
              Aerial yoga->Body combat->Body combat->Body balance and I have aerial yoga slotted in for tomorrow. So far so good!

              To answer your question, I play lots of games with myself, mostly with food being a reward…which is a habit I really need to get out, but food is the thing that gives me the most happiness so…yeah.

              I’m hoping that the increased exercise coupled with the fasting 2-3 days a week will get me to where I want to be (-5kg by Christmas)

              1. Ok just got in from my boxing class. Phew! I really enjoyed it and I know I am going to be sore tomorrow, but it was equal parts fun and challenging. Which I need to keep my attention. I even jumped rope, mostly. Lol. It used to be so much easier when I was five, where did my rhythm go? I also need to work on the calf muscles. But baby steps right? More walking (which I love as the leaves change here) and definitely I think yoga on Mondays.
                By the way Subtle, you seem to hit most days of the week doing something exercisey. My role model!

                1. Glad you enjoyed the class. Post-exercise is a great feeling…if only pre-exercise felt the same!

                  Walking while enjoying the leaves sounds lovely. We don’t get that here- the leaves just turn brown and drop off.

                  Yep, I’m going to hit as many consecutive classes as I can until I get too sore/tired and then I’ll take a day off and walk or something. 24 days to go for No Excuses November!

                  1. We can do it, we can do it. Rah! Rah! Rah! One of these days I want to go to Australia, my Cousin lived in Sydney for awhile and loved it. Need to look awesome for a friend’s wedding in December and well, healthy too, being healthy is important. That is my long term goal, short term goal, look better for this wedding. 🙂

                    1. *furiously shaking my pom poms* Rah!

                      I need to look..well..better than I do now when I go home to see my family for Christmas so our goals are pretty similar!

                      My thought for the day was that I’m getting too old for body attack classes. I nearly died again this evening…lol.

  2. Count me in, Kitten! I’ve just downloaded a ballet/yoga thing and started Part 1. I want to lose 3-5kg (and KEEP IT OFF!) but its sooooo hard waaaaah! Halp me! Maybe this could be the push I need to start running again (I’ve only been once in 6 months. Bad girl.)
    As far as the no junk food one is concerned – what counts as junk food?? I need to axe the sugar big time. I don’t really eat fast food at all, but have a tendency to snack on asian shop rice crackers and mochi… does that count as junk? (feels like it does…I think i just want an excuse lol!)

    1. Oooh what is the link for the ballet yoga thing? And I greatly admire runners as I just cannot get myself to do it. How do you get past the burning lungs breathing thing? Sorry, not Kitten, but felt the urge to comment too. 🙂

      1. @Shula
        Running is all about taking it slow and building up. The burning lungs thing, when it is unbearable, is a sign you are running too fast. I never found that it ever 100% went away, but you learn to deal with and after five minutes or so your body adjusts and your breathing gets better.
        I’d recommend the Couch to 5k to start. It makes running much less scary and horrible.

    2. Welcome on board!! *madly waves pom poms*
      I’m curious about the yoga/ballet things too! I’ve seen the barre workout, but I’m guessing this is something different?
      Junk food…well, it’s anything without nutritional goodness. I’d put rice crackers and mochi in the occasional treat box. Particularly mochi as it’s heavy on the refined carbs & calorie dense without much else in the way of nutritional value (but I know…so nom nom…)
      I think I’ve only been running once in the last six month too! After I crossed the half-marathon off my bucket list I just lost interest…lol.

  3. I downloaded the ballet yoga thing illegally SHHHHHHHHHHH! (>.<)
    I am new to such things so I don't know how to provide a link – it was from Pirate Bay? The first part was based on Sun Salutations with a couple of segue plie-type movements – the thighs were feeling it next day! It's an English chick voiceover which is better for me than a US accent – Sorry to any American readers! lol! Yesterday I did it again, not sore today! Also walked for 3-4 hours along the riverwalk last night catching up with a friend so am feeling super-virtuous today and am resisting the call of the mochi 😉

    1. Lol…SHHHHHHH…..
      I’m yet to master my sun salutations…it sucks being inflexible.
      Good on you for sticking with it and doing the walk!

      I just got back from aerial yoga and I had a retard…I’m disappointed and talking myself down from the chocolate ledge 😦

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