The human body is a very interesting thing. You can punish it in certain ways and it will take quite a beating and bounce back very quickly but if you do other things, even very slight things, you can do irreparable damage, very quickly.

A week after my most recent beating, there is very little left to show for it:


(I was just about to get an attitude-adjustment paddling when this pic was taken.)

And a bit closer with some post-paddling pink:


Most of the bruises are yellowing and there’s not even a twinge.

Master walloped me for over half an hour with an assortment of implements and afterwards I could barely sit down. There were big lumpy masses of broken blood vessels beneath the skin and it was stinging like I had little paper cuts all over my botty. Three days later I wasn’t feeling any pain and it had already begun to heal. If he had been hitting me anywhere else though, the story would have been quite different.

So much of kink is about toeing the fine line between ouchie good and ouchie bad. While beating someone’s botty is not very edgy, you could theoretically do some real damage if you happened to have shitty aim. Also with rope, put it in the right place and your nerves are happy, put it in the wrong place and you can suffer nerve damage that may or may not heal. The same can be said for just about everything. And that’s why you need to know what you’re doing.

/community service announcement about safety

I posted a little piece of writing to fetlife last week after the play party in an effort to explain how I differ from most other slaves/subs/bottoms. When I’m played with, I stay silent and still and that apparently freaks out a lot of people. We had several people watching us play who started saying voicing concerns for my well-being and someone even came up to me in a break between implements and wanted to know if I was ok and if I needed my hand held (yeah…no.)

For some people, having the biggest, most over-the-top reactions to stuff is part of how they enjoy play. For me, if I can manage to stay stock-still and not make a sound, then it’s been a good session.

I know a lot of tops enjoy a good hearty reaction and sometimes I’m sorry that I can’t give them one, but there’s just something in me that wants to take the challenge and for some reason, giving a reaction feels akin to having failed.

Weird, right?

I guess if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the alternative lifestyle, it’s that even if you think you’re weird, there’s always someone a lot weirder.

Today also signals the end of week one of No Excuses November! My exercise tally for the week was as follows:

Sunday – Body combat

Monday – Body combat

Tuesday-Body balance

Wednesday-Aerial yoga

Thursday-Body attack

Friday- 1hr15min power walk

Saturday-Flygym fusion (pilates, yoga, strength training)

I’ve started taking some aerial fitness classes using the flygym which differs from the aerial yoga silks in that it’s stretchy material and you have additional slings for your legs and straps for your hands. I’m doing an all aerial class on Tuesday night so that should be fun and I’ll see how Peter Pan-ish/Cirque Du Soleil I can get (I’m estimating not very…lol)


I’ve also got a pilates/dance/boxing class that you do with weighted gloves called Piloxing to go to next week just to keep things interesting. Every picture I see about it has this blonde chick instructor and her plastic smile has me worried.


Feel free to come and join the No Excuses November (at least 30mins of exercise everyday- no excuses!) if you haven’t already and I will wave my pom poms furiously in your direction.


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  1. I think I’ll leave ‘no excuses November’ to you.
    You sure a keen, but both of the ones you use the rope/ stretchy stuff kind of freak me out. Especially the one you go upside down with; I’d be worried I’d slip and break my neck.
    Oddly I don’t have a problem with you being tied up, upside down. LOL

    It is unusual to hear of a sub/slave/bottom not making any noise. There is usually some kind of noise. I know I was very noisy, it was like a release of sorts.
    I’d be thinking, he’s not hitting her hard enough. LOL

    It was nice of people to check up on you though. 🙂

    1. Aww…you’re not a taker for No Excuses November? Are you absotively posolutely sure? 🙂

      There is definitely a feeling of slipping out of the silk/sling and I learned the hard way about wearing synthetic gym wear (necessitating an emergency putting on of my cotton hoodie about ten minutes into a class!) but once you get around that and learn that as long as you’ve got your legs/arms in the right place there is no way for you to fall, it’s fun.
      But just between you and me, I feel a lot safer in rope, upside down too, but that’s mostly because I trust other people more than myself!

      I’ve come across a lot of noisy people during play so I agree that I’m a bit unusual. There was another girl who came up while we were playing and commented that the impact noise was really loud but I wasn’t making any noise so she wanted to know what it felt like. M obligingly gave her a few strokes until she danced out of the way…lol.
      But yes, as you’ve pointed out, it was nice of people to check on me.

      1. Yep, I’ll definitely leave ‘no excuses November’ to you. Unless it’s related to choccie ie: no excuse to not eat it.

        I know I’ve been at play parties and people have come up and asked me if I was ok because I was loud.

        My ex Dom lived in suburbia, he used to have heaps of play parties at his house. There were a lot of screamers there and neither neighbour ever called the cops. LOL

        1. No idea why, but your other comment ended up in the spam folder. I fished it out 🙂

          Maybe we should do a No Junkfood January? But start on Jan 2nd to allow for New Year’s day festivities and avoid Jan 15th because it’s my b’day and there SHALL BE CAKE! What say you?

          Did your ex-dom’s neighbours know what was going on? We often go to parties held at a dungeon that is actually a fitted-out garden shed in the midst of suburbia and it belongs to a professional domme so there would be all sorts of noises coming out of there all the time. I wonder what her neighbours think?

          1. Hmm yeah a no junk food January sounds good. I know I’ll be eating HEAPS over Christmas… LOL

            From memory, I think one of the neighbours come over to see what was going on and I think they got spanked.. I can’t quite remember, it was before my time with him.

            I’m pretty sure they knew what was going on there.
            I walked past one of the neighbours house down to the BP.
            I wore this tiny little bit of clothing, it was a g-string bottom (the top part kind of covered my boobs) so my bruised arse was there for all to see. I was also wearing a spreader bar on my arms.

            I was sent down to the BP to buy milk or something. Do you know how hard it is to get stuff out of fridge with a spreader bar and then try and pay the guy?

            To his credit he never blinked an eye… PMSL

            I wonder if later on they replayed the security tape?

            We used to have some fun times. Shame things went pear shaped.

            1. Going down to the BP in next to nothing wearing a spreader bar? Love it! (Of course, I love it because it was you, not me who had to do it…hehehe)
              And yeah…I’m impressed you got the milk out of the fridge and handed over the money!

              And one of the neighbours came over to see what was going on and got spanked? PMSL….
              Sounds like you did have some fun. Memories of fun times are good things, but usually there is a lot of crap that goes along with it that we don’t remember so well.

              It’s a date for No Junkfood January. I’m going home for Christmas so I’ll be stuffing myself silly while I’m there as well.

              1. I had two other ‘spreader bar’ tasks, although inside and clothed.
                The first was I had to make a Mistress coffee, that was interesting. The other was eating my meal. Also interesting… PMSL

                I think M should make you do that. *runs off giggling*

                I hope you have fun back home at Christmas time. 🙂

                Date for sure, 1 January, here I come!

                1. Hush you….lol.
                  I haven’t done the tasks in spreader bar thing but I’ve done a lot of housework-type things in US prisoner-style shackles. So hard…(and makes me feel stoopid!)
                  Did they at least let you cut your food into bite-sized pieces?

                  1. Nope, had a steak and then had to somehow find a way to actually eat it. LOL
                    Ahhh they were the times.

                    I hope this doesn’t upset you…

                    Carina used to come to our parties… 🙂
                    I remember her being able to take such a huge amount of pain.
                    Loved watching her serve her Master aka Gorean way.

                    1. A steak…now that’s cruel 😉
                      Carina had an awesome tolerance for pain and she was pretty good at dishing it out too. I miss her.

  2. Heyas Subtle,
    Just checking in for the no excuses november! So I didn’t do any dog walking over the past three days so I am off to take Tes for an hour and a half walk today to make up for it! Also, doing the beginners Yoga class this Monday, and of course the boxing on Wednesday night and dog walking in between those. 🙂 Keep at it you wild and swirly woman!

    1. Hi Shula!
      It’s awesome that you’re checking in regularly! Keep it up! Are you excited about the yoga class? I get so nervous when I go to new gyms or new classes that I’ve never done before, but it’s also exciting at the same time. I do like new experiences 🙂
      I went hard in body combat this morning i.e. sweat was flying off me in all directions. The Sunday morning class is taken by my favourite instructor and we sort of bounce off each other’s energy and always go hard. Having a good instructor really does make a difference, doesn’t it?

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