Another year…another blog

Hello from the depths of the mists (yes, there are some gorillas…) otherwise known as the rural highlands of New South Wales. I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now spending time with my family and doing copious amounts of eating, sleeping and not a lot else (yeah…don’t remind me about my idea to eat well in January…)

It has been raining a lot and was so cold on a couple of nights that I had my electric blanket on. This is the middle of summer, people! Come on ffs! This is one of the reasons I chose not to stay in my hometown – it’s cold enough to freeze your tits off (and I don’t have a whole lot to begin with.) The other reason is that it’s such a mind-numbingly ‘quaint’ town that I can feel my IQ dropping as soon as I step off the plane. Conversations during family time focus on who has died and which shop has closed/moved/changed hands and the highlight of the week is going down to the bowling club for a $9 roast lunch and playing bingo for a $25 tray of meat.

I guess if I had never left I wouldn’t know any different and I’d be quite content here, but I did and coming back is always a good reminder to be thankful that there are other things out there.

So 2015 is upon us! I haven’t got any major resolutions except I’m considering making this year the year of the marathon. It is such a commitment of time though, probably 8 months of training and I haven’t really been running since I did the half-marathon a couple of years back so it will be a shock to the system. I do need a goal for this year though – I function much better when I’ve got something to work towards – so it’s either that or something else.

M and I are quite content. I have my beating window open up every now and then and it’s fun to get some bruises. I’m still thinking about what I am and how I would like our evolving relationship to be.I don’t think I’ll ever get back to that place I was several years ago when I started in bdsm. It’s natural for people and relationships to evolve and I’m ok with that. I think I was worried about not feeling the same way towards slavery as I did and thinking there was something wrong with me for not feeling the same way but it’s natural to change and enjoy or not enjoy things that you once did.

Speaking of bruises, I had a massage the other day with the Chinese massage therapist here and OMG it was brutal. I do like a firm massage but the pain levels were up there with a thorough beating and I’ve got some bruises to show for it. I’m going back for another session this week so pray for me.

I go back to work next week and I’ll be diving head-first into weeks of Japanese customer visits and then I’ll be jetting off to Japan again in early February so the year is beginning busy.

Have a happy new year 🙂



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