This post is going to be a bit of a brain dump about weight and body issues and all that lovely stuff that goes on in my brain. And it's not really intended to be fitspo or thinspo or anything else of the inspirational variety, I've just got a lot of stuff going on upstairs,... Continue Reading →


Ten years a slave

Ten years ago I became a slave. How do you do that? Is a question I get a lot. The most common inflection on that question when people ask it is, How do you do that? That is perceived as something hard and weird and most people don't really understand what that, slavery, is as... Continue Reading →

I’m baack!

I think that was my shortest overseas trip ever. It was all over before it even really began to get started, so much so that I┬ádidn't even have time to be indecisive while shopping (although I did spend about 2hrs trying to pick out a pair of gloves...did I mention it was cold? Like, minus... Continue Reading →

You know you want one

On Friday I'll be jetting off to Japan again for a fly-by work trip. It will be a sum total of four days, consisting of two mega shopping days and two days of work. One of the days of work includes probably the most important meeting of my 'career' (I use that term loosely for... Continue Reading →

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