I’m baack!

I think that was my shortest overseas trip ever. It was all over before it even really began to get started, so much so that I didn’t even have time to be indecisive while shopping (although I did spend about 2hrs trying to pick out a pair of gloves…did I mention it was cold? Like, minus forty-two degree wind blowing down from Siberia kind of cold?)

I ticked most things off my list of things to do (not in any particular order):

Have pressure-filled meeting & presentation without vomiting – check!

Eat yummy cheesecake (in Singapore during transit) – check!


Eat freshly-baked melon bread stuffed with ice cream – check!


Eat lots of other yummy cakes – check!


Watch weird cloud formations for hours because my entertainment system was not working (thanks Singapore Airlines!) – check!


Eat lots of cheap sushi – check!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Spend all my money buying inflatable bath pillows, cute earrings, clothes, make-up, alcohol, things from the 100 yen shop and mugs from Starbucks – check!

Drink cocktails in a tequila & cigar bar in Roppongi with awesome friends – check!

(Seriously…this place, Agave, has got over 400 types of tequila…and the lighting was so low inside that ordering anything was like an episode of dating in the dark. It gets triple points for basement bar ambience. )

agave 2

Before drinks, eat Mexican food upstairs and fall in love with chicken mole and chorizo fondue – check!

Be reminded that ebola is still a thing – check!


I got back at 3am this morning and rocked up to work as usual then left four hours later after crashing and burning from no sleep. Of course, I was falling asleep at my desk, but as soon as I came home I was alert and perky so I did what anyone else would do – watch the classic movie that is Nine 1/2 Weeks.

I’d forgotten how dashing Mickey Rourke was 31 years ago in the role of John Gray (and seriously, I think it’s time to start calling our domly protagonists something other than Mr Gray…) He’s got that scary smile and quiet demeanour that makes me go all squishy for some reason.

Japan was fun as it always is. I’ve started the shopping list for my next trip already.


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