You know, there are just some things you can’t un-see…

And one of those things is Scooby Doo hentai. Yes, apparently, Velma likes it in the ass. Who knew? (Those nerdy bitches often like it dirty, though, so it should be no surprise.)

Anyway, the reason I mentioned Scooby Doo hentai was because I’ve noticed recently that a lot of play-throughs of eroge are being uploaded as hentai anime on Western porn sites. You don’t actually need to go to porn sites to see them –  a quick search on youtube gets you 86,000 hits (you can thank me later for the free porn…with a baked cheesecake…)

Erotic games (eroge for short) or adult games are interactive porn for your pc, tablet or mobile. They are a big thing in Japan and have been ever since the 1980’s. I’m not sure how 16-bit porn would rock your socks, but anyway it was a thing then and it’s still a thing now. Although, with smartphones these days, it seems to be much more common for guys to be playing something along the lines of Demon Spawn Face Fuck than Candy Crush on the train on the way home from work.

A lot of eroge are point and click graphic novel-type stories but some of them are role-playing-type things where you choose exactly how the girl(s) will look and exactly what you’re going to do to her (them). I’m yet to see a boy version. I’m sure there have to be some somewhere, maybe of the yayoi variety, but Japanese porn for all it’s tentacle/monster creativity, is very, very narrow-minded in terms of its gender roles.

What sort of ears do you want and how big should those boobs be? Truck-sized boobs that defy gravity and nipples two inches long? You’ve got it!


Below is a screen shot from Fuck Town Personal Training (catchy title, hey?) It lets you decide how intense the thrusts are.


If school girl swimsuits are your thing (and they are for a lot of Japanese guys…) you can choose one of those ugly dark blue one-piece swimsuits or you can go for a bikini and socks – because, well…Japan.


There are a lot of schoolgirls, maids, nuns and/or nurses.


Along with monsters, tentacles and other assorted hentai stuff (check out the legs of that…horse? centaur? demon spawn? She’s warm and wet and wants… whatever that thing is!)


The level of interaction differs from simply choosing dialogue choices or whether to rub, suck, insert etc. Sometimes with all the pixilation, it’s hard to know what’s going on..


As with 95% of Japanese porn, the girl is a victim and a usually unattractive middle-aged man wearing glasses is having his way with her or having his men have their way with her. She resists, is embarrassed and then starts enjoying the entertainment and realises how much of a whore she really is. Rinse and repeat for every single porn.

Anyway, that brings to an end to our 101 Eroge lesson. Bon appetit.


2 thoughts on “Eroge

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  1. That last one looks like she’s covered in a spiders web. lol
    I never knew such stuff was around and interactive at that! How cool.
    I”m half tempted to go look now and see how much fun it is/is not..

    1. Yeah…that is a lot of spider webs…and the other stuff looks like pomegranate seeds…
      Go on…you know you want Actually, I’m not sure how much of this stuff is around outside of Japan. I’ve seen a couple of English ones but I’m not sure how lame they are. You can always tell the difference with the way the characters are drawn and what the characters do.

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