Ten years a slave (Part 2)

On Aug 11th 2006, I embarked on my second round of slavery.

I arrived on a late night flight from eastern Australia. M picked me up from the airport looking very casual in a polo shirt, pants and slip-on shoes. (That thing about domly men wearing suits is a good stereotype for erotic fiction but never happens in reality. For most domly people I’ve come across, the most formal thing they’ll wear is a pair of black jeans or maybe clean jeans…one or the other.)

M had demanded that I wear ‘slut wear’ on the plane so not really knowing what he wanted, I had done some emergency shopping at Sportsgirl and joined the mile-high-changing-club by putting on my outfit on en route (I didn’t want my family thinking I was weird…)  I was wearing knee-high boots (that turned out to be nowhere slutty enough), fish net stockings, a skirt, big earrings, a flowy white top and too much make-up.

We said ‘Hi’ and chatted about the flight then we got my luggage and went to the car. He had a leather collar that he put on me in the car and we drove to what was going to be my new home (my stainless steel collar had been ordered from the US and was on its way.)

When we arrived at his house, he had me strip naked outside because I was supposed to be naked with nothing when I entered the house. I remember feeling mortified that anyone could see me from the street but fortunately it was about 1am so no-one was around.

I crawled into the house, he gave me a cropping in the hallway and then asked if I wanted a cup of tea while he made himself a coffee. I met the poodle, he showed me the house and my room (at that time I only had a camp bed in the computer room) and we went through a bit of a routine and what he wanted from me.

By that time it was about 2am so he cuffed my hands behind my back, chained me by my neck collar to the camp bed, put a ball gag in, drew the covers up over me, turned the light off, shut the door and he went to bed.

A few hours later at 5am or some god-forsaken time, he burst into the room, turned the light on, ripped the covers off, cropped me until I got up, then unchained and uncuffed me, dragged me to his bed by the hair, ravished me and he got up and went to work.

Obviously I had zero sleep that first night. A ball-gag and having your arms cuffed behind your back is not conducive to sleep so after he left I went back to bed and tried to get some sleep.

I arrived on Wednesday/Thursday and on that Saturday, I received my first three piercings – clithood and two outer labia. In November, I then had the other four out labia piercings done and after that I got my tattoo.

My memory is that meeting M was a lot less uncomfortable than meeting my first owner. That may have been because I’d done the ‘meeting the random guy off the internet’ thing before or it could have been he was just a nicer guy and we had more chemistry.

I think having a big, white fluffy poodle also helped in lowering his “I’m really a serial killer” level. Somehow I don’t imagine that scary men have a poodle (but that might just be me…) We had also done a lot of chatting online and talking on the phone so meeting in person just seemed like a more ‘real’ video chat – that never stopped. Lol.

I guess my family thinks I am totally bonkers in terms of my relationships and what I do. But then again, after going off to Japan they kind of accept that I do weird things and pretty much whatever the hell I want to do when I want to do it. I think that’s one of the reasons I hate to be tied down (metaphorically). They know in my mind that if I really want to do something, I will do it one way or another.

And that brings to a conclusion this walk down memory lane. Part 1 is here if you missed it.


3 thoughts on “Ten years a slave (Part 2)

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for a very long time, but had forgotten how quickly M had you pierced! He sure didn’t waste time. LOL

    In fact, he didn’t waste time with anything when you turned up .

    When you mentioned having to wear slut wear to meet him; it reminded me of that time you ended up being a topic of conversation on the radio. 😀

    1. Yep – it was all a whirlwind back in the day!
      I still get comments every now and then about that radio thing. I just wish I had been able to hear it…I think I would have peed myself laughing or been totally horrified, one or the other…lol.

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