It’s almost Easter and you know what that means?

Some people might think about gorging themselves silly on chocolate or hot cross buns, but I think about FOUR.DAYS.OFF.WORK!


I’m sure there will be some gorging on chocolate and hot cross buns as well, but four days without having to go to the office is glorious indeed.

Last weekend I had a pretty slothy two days – probably I was getting in some practise for the four days of sloth that is approaching. In between taking fifty million photos trying to get three that I can use as book covers, I binge-watched Spartacus on Netflix.

I’m not sure where I was when Spartacus was first on tv, maybe in a world of STOOPID, because there is no other explanation as to why I didn’t watch that fun romp with angsty hot men and full-frontal nudity on a weekly basis. Maybe it was the blood…my there is a lot of blood in that show.

Netflix came to Australia last week and because we are some backwater at the bottom of the world, it’s pretty much got fuck-all content. I shouldn’t grumble because we at least have it now…but about the only thing I hadn’t already seen was Spartacus. Netflix still doesn’t help me get my fix of current tv shows so I’ll still be relying on my ‘shadier’ sources for the foreseeable future.

I’m also planning on playing some xbox this weekend and to that end, I ordered an old copy of Portal 2 online. I feel like I need some puzzles in my life, or at least some more Lego! M and I will surely rock the portal world.

M and I were in bed last night and by in ‘bed’ I mean his bed and by ‘in’ I mean I was wearing boots (it’s still WAAAAY too hot for thigh-high boots in my opinion). He was spanking me and doing his usual interrogation thing:

“What are you?”



“Who owns you?”

“Any man with chocolate does.”


As you can tell, I was prolonging the spanking with some inappropriate answers and having a jolly time. Sometimes I’m not really sure whether he finds it amusing or annoying because I still find it hard to know what he is thinking a lot of the time. Maybe I should just do the adult thing and ask:

“Does it annoy you sweetie, pumpkin when I don’t give you the answer you want?”

“Do you want to sleep in your boots tonight, bitch?”


“So does it annoy you when I don’t give you the answer you want?”


And he’d look at me with the condescending smile and I’d thank the lord that I can outrun him.


One thought on “Sloth

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  1. LOL @ being able to out run, M. I’m sure he’s secretly happy you are naughty… :PI

    I’ve eaten far too many bunnies…. sadly my OH is also a foodie so we both fang out on choccie bunnies. I think we’ll have to be running with you.

    Enjoy your four days off.

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